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Melissa Luznicky Garrett is an author of adult and young adult novels. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, three children, and numerous animals. Melissa is currently hard at work on her next project.

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  • Rabbits in the Garden on Oct. 11, 2011

    RABBITS IN THE GARDEN, by Jessica McHugh, was a book I wanted to read as soon as I heard about it. I don't often read suspense/horror stories (I've got a sensitive disposition and am prone to nightmares), but there was just something about this one that pricked my attention. This book follows Avery over a six-year span. Although the beginning of Avery's story is innocuous enough, the reader quickly learns that all is not what it seems in the Norton household. While I don't want to give away any spoilers, there is one incident between Avery and her mother in the garden that sets the tone for the rest of the story. It is one of those moments that seemingly comes out of the blue and thwacks you over the head with a stick, and I really felt like my shock over what had just happened mirrored Avery's. Jessica does a good job of keeping the reader in suspense. Just when you think you know what's going on with the characters, she pulls the proverbial rug out from under your feet. I read the Kindle edition while walking on the treadmill, and there was a time I was so surprised by a turn of events, I actually almost fell off! I think what I liked most about RABBITS IN THE GARDEN is that Avery's time in Taunton felt a bit reminiscent of one of my favorite movies, GIRL INTERRUPTED. I enjoy reading books that focus heavily on character emotion and motivation, and not just plot. RABBITS IN THE GARDEN is just as much a story about the relationships Avery builds with the other girls while inside Taunton, as it is about her struggle to escape the institution. My only nit-pick about the book is that transitions were not always well executed. Sometimes a significant amount of time passes from one paragraph to another, and such a jump would take me out of the story for a few moments. Other times the characters would be talking to each other in one place and end up across the room or driving in a car with no word about how they'd gotten there in the first place. However, these minor details did not detract from the overall story. I enjoyed this book and give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Of Gods & Goats on Nov. 11, 2012

    This was a book I purchased when it first came out and then, for one reason or another, it sat on my computer's hard drive until I downloaded it to my Kindle a few weeks ago. And I want to kick myself for waiting so long to read it because it was SO.DARN.GOOD. I admittedly had my misgivings - Greek gods and goats? - and I wasn't quite hooked after the first few chapters because I wasn't too sure about the style, but I'm glad I stuck with it. OF GODS & GOATS is singularly one of the most entertaining books I've read. Ever. I think I laughed and snorted throughout this book more than any other, and who doesn't love a good belly laugh? I adored Libby's spunk and attitude and Ares . . . what can I say other than oh, my (literal) God? Finally, readers who like books that make their girly and manly bits tingle will definitely appreciate this one. Definitely worth $3.99. Buy it. Read it. Love it!