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Mary Laudien is a retired International Baccalaureate World School principal. She now divides her time between writing her Middle Grade Frenchie Series and volunteering as an IB Recognition Ambassador.

Mary's life long passion for KidLit makes entertaining readers with her own humorous novels such fun! Missing the day-to-day contact with students, author visits inspiring students to write powerful blog posts is an added treat.

Mary believes in making a difference and encourages schools, pet stores and book stores to fundraise with her novels to support their local SPCA.

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Frenchie Diva- Follow the Blog (Book #3 of the Frenchie Series) is now available through my Canadian Distributor:
Red Tuque Books Inc. and can be ordered at: or by phone at: 778-476-5750.

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Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Writing Middle Grade novels is a blast for me! I laugh aloud as I create "Ethan's world" and problem solve the issues and predicaments that he encounters in his teenage life with French bulldog puppies, an ambitious single mom, an eccentric Grandma Sis (who thinks she looks like CHER), friends who have their friendships tested and so much more. What could be more fun than writing novels that can entertain such a wide spectrum of readers: tweens, early teenagers, parents, grandparents, educators, and pet people...
What do your fans mean to you?
I am working hard towards reaching a fan base through an Author's Platform. When I visit schools, the 10-13 year old readers relate to the stories and are inspired to share their own experiences through writing their own blog posts (just like Ethan does in the series - FBF- Frenchie's Best Friend). If I can get a large enough following of fans , I would like to write my fourth Frenchie novel of the series with a following of fans (Grades 5,6 and 7) through my blog (one chapter at a time). That way, they could critique each chapter and provide input. It would be an interactive process with the novel, and they would learn more about the writing process.
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