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As you read through the pages of my book, I hope you’ll find lots of words which you can relate to, words which I have written in the form of thoughts and poetry.

At this point, I would assume that I am supposed to write in detail something about myself, but I believe the words in the following pages will do this for themselves. I will however tell you just a little of my background.

Unfortunately, I come from a broken home. My parents broke up when I was eleven, with me being the eldest child of six. Yes, as you can imagine, my mother sure did have a tough time of it all. For me personally, I remember it being quite devastating.

The next big thing for me was getting wed, but that ended in divorce. “Shame,” you might say, and of course you’d be right, but I suppose that’s the way things are in society today, with divorce seemingly happening to somebody all the time. After the breakdown of this relationship, I felt as though I was getting nowhere fast, to say the least.

Then after about 12 months, I met a new lover who was the most wonderful person you could ever imagine. I’m very sorry to say that this relationship is also unfortunately no longer so.
During this last relationship, an event happened to me that totally changed my whole perception of life and death! I was involved in a car accident which caused the death of a man.

The trial took a year to be heard in court. The outcome, which was no surprise to me, was that I be sentenced to prison, and so a ten by eight cell became my home for a while. It was there where I wrote most of the following pages.

Prison was also the place where I would meet myself, and to my surprise it was also the place where I discovered my many masks, masks which we will all have to wear from time to time.

M.R. Godfrey


Just Thoughts
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Sentenced to a prison term for causing the death of a man when involved in a driving accident, the author chose to record his thoughts with a series of poems, thoughts and prose. This book is the result of many sleepless nights, ridden with guilt and hoping for future forgiveness. As you read these thoughts you really get inside he head of the author, and can feel the immense pain he was suffering

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