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  • Seducing the Straight Husband: A Gay Confessions Story on Dec. 04, 2018

    F. ¥. C. K. !!! HOTTEST F¥CKING BOOK I'VE EVER READ!!! THIS WAS ORIGINALLY PURCHASED AND REVIEWED IN AUGUST 2017 ON AMAZON. THIS IS THAT REVIEW. DUE TO AMAZON’S TIGHT WORDING RESTRICTIONS SOME OF THESE WORDS MAY BE HARD TO “MAKE-OUT,” OR RATHER, RECOGNIZE. HERE IT IS . . . HOW IN THE H€££ DID THIS AUTHOR SLIP PAST ME - ALL.THIS.TIME.?!?! Thank the g°ds that this author's book suggestion was sent to me in an AMAZON email! I read almost strictly M/M genre, now days. But HOT D@MN!!! I've never read any M/M like this before!! THIS REVIEW IS FOR: "SEDUCING THE STRAIGHT HUSBAND" PARTS 1, 2 + 3 BY LUCAS LOVELESS Every other paragraph in this series is entirely made up of SEX. BUT ! ! ! . . . there's 2, really good, things about that: 1...the author still manages to weave a FULL STORY (not just some contrived plot) into, and around, all that sex. And...'s also not just sex, for sex's sake, at all! My g°d...Was I - truly - stunned! He writes the MOST SENSUAL, FULLY FELT, BREATH STEALING, FULLY DESCRIPTIVE, EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS fully exposed, sexual scenes I have ever read! And, not one bit of it is that raunchy, just "get-your-rocks-off" type of sexual writing, either! Well, not for the reader, anyway. And, even if it is that way for the characters, he doesn't do hard core sex for the fast, quickie "get your sex-on" effect. Nope! No way! He takes his time on EACH and EVERY scene. Nothing is written "just for the sex of it." Nothing is written as a filler or just for "getting sex into the book." Every scene in PAINSTAKINGLY CHOREOGRAPHED, EVERY MOVEMENT, EVERY RESPONSE, EVERY DETAIL WONDERFULLY THOUGHT OUT and BEAUTIFULLY - TRULY - JUST BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN! And, every scene FITS exactly where it is, when it is, and how it is. Nothing gratuitous about any of it and yet, just about every other scene in the book is sexual! There's A LOT OF GREAT SEX IN THIS BOOK and it comes with a FULL-BLOWN, FULLY ROUNDED and COMPLETE STORY woven in with it. And it's a GREAT STORYLINE, too! THE ENDING IS A GOOD FIT FOR THIS STORY, ALSO! NOTHING RUSHED ABOUT THE ENDING JUST TO "GET IT IN THERE" and suddenly bring it all to an end. You're NOT left saying "WHAT THE F¥CK?" or "WHAT THE H€££ JUST HAPPENED? WHERE DID THAT F¥CK¡NG COME FROM?" or "SH¡T...WHERE'S THE REST AT? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?" NONE OF THOSE THINGS. A GOOD STORY, WITH GREAT SEX AND A GOOD, WELL FITTED ENDING... NOTHING "HALF–WAY" ABOUT THIS BOOK, IN ANY FORM. I was so, just so very well impressed, that I bought every single book LUCAS LOVELESS had available on his AMAZON AUTHOR'S SITE! Well, every single one but, the two most expensive ones...and that's just a temporary situation! I will definitely be buying the 2 remaining books next month, when I have renewed paycheck funds available for spending on them! Believe me, I definitely will not be missing one single book authored by LUCAS LOVELESS, EVER! This author knows how to write! Not only does he know how to write GREAT SENSUAL SEX he can also, write a FULLY WORKABLE, READABLE NOVEL, as well. Even if he didn't write all the sex into the story, it would still be a GOOD READ. The sex is just like a double-layer of the so much more "icing-on-the-cake." If you're like me, and NOT a fan - AT ALL - of "cheating" on the spouse type of story - as the title suggests - this book does NOT start off with that intent. Plus, as the story goes on, and you realize that this author doesn't just stick anything into his story "just to stick it in there" - for any reason - like trying to fill the story up just to make it longer or putting something in just for the shock value, you will be able to see that this is not just a blatant "cheat-for-cheating's-sake" type of story. There's a real story going on here about how real things could, and DO, happen in a real marriage. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this is an award winning novella. What I am saying is this is excellent work, especially for this type of book. There are a lot of great M/M books out there. Especially here on AMAZON/KINDLE. There are a lot of books with great plots and storylines but, with VERY LITTLE SEX and even that's mostly at the end. Those are, how should I word it, real (?) novels. Then, there are the books that are ALL SEX but, basically really lacking in plot or storyline. These are quick, "get your rocks off" type books. THIS BOOK IS VERY DEFINITELY THE BEST-OF-BOTH-WORLDS! This book may be in the "book-for-a-quick-sexy-read" type of category however, it will BLOW YOU AWAY with it's QUALITY! Quality in BOTH the sex AND the story. "SEDUCING THE STRAIGHT HUSBAND" by LUCAS LOVELESS is as good as any regular, long M/M novel but, to EVERYONE'S PLEASURE, it's LOADED with all the GREAT SENSUAL SEX SCENES that you REALLY WISHED the "other" books had in them! Even if you don't get out of this book what I did, or think that it was as good of a read as I did, I truly doubt that you could be disappointed with it in any way. "SEDUCING THE STRAIGHT HUSBAND" by LUCAS LOVELESS is really a satisfying read. You'll want to read it. And, you'll want to get your rocks off, too. MTULIPK