Marianne Wheeelaghan

Smashwords book reviews by Marianne Wheeelaghan

  • Rocky Road: Stories on Nov. 02, 2011

    This is Louisa Dang's debut collection and what a debut! I loved these stories. Her writing is fresh and the stories cleverly crafted and engaging. With apparent ease, Louisa draws us into the fictional world of each of her characters and she keeps us there, spellbound, until the last word (her ear for dialogue is particularly excellent!). As we peer into the ordinary lives of her characters, we catch a glimpse of something extraordinary: a tenderness, or a kindness, or even an ugliness, maybe a poignancy or a frailty, a something which makes each of them unique,and very human. Great stories by a great new writer! I believe a novel is due out shortly. I'll be looking out for it!
  • Once More, From the Beginning on Nov. 08, 2011

    This is a charming, delightful and downright fun take on many of the well known stories from the Old Testament. Told mainly from the perspective of the women in the stories, while never irreverent, these fresh retellings reveal a history steeped in blatant misogyny, nepotism, racism and abuse. It's well worth the read (even if you have never read or have no interest in reading The Old Testament) and certainly makes you think of how 'precarious' life was in those very dark and oh so politically incorrect days!