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  • The Cyber Chronicles IX - Precipice on Aug. 09, 2011

    Another brilliant chapter in the Cyber Chronicles. Can't wait to see what else is in store for Saber and Tassin!
  • Jake (Going Home) on Aug. 27, 2011

    Loved this book! Quirky and downright fun.
  • BIAlien ebook 1 - Free version - part 1 - Free Science fiction ebook (nook, kindle, pdf) novel on Dec. 29, 2011

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through this book. I was hoping for so much more. The main character is poorly fleshed out and very difficult to like. The writer can't seem to figure out which way to go with the character one minute he's a dumb kid, and the next he's "advanced and enlightened for a human". The writer obviously doesn't believe in proof reading as the book is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Throughout the book the NASA is misspelled as MASA, and that's just for starters. Too is often used where to would be correct and vice versa. The portions of the book that deal with the military are laughable for the writers poor understanding of military rank and weapons. Helpful hint: fighter jets do not have cannons they have missiles and machine guns. If they did have cannons the projectiles fired from them would not be cannons (at one point when the main character was attacked and felt the cannon impact his ship). The writer uses a run-on style writing for the "telepathic" sections of the book using a single ' as the cue for the reader to let them know the conversation is telepathic in nature. Not only is this annoying it's unnecessary. To make it more aggravating to read, telepathic conversations between two characters are often just one lumped paragraph with the reader being responsible for trying to figure out which character is saying what. Another thing that gets annoying is the constant use of initials for everything…the Dark Energy Knight is the D.E.K. Why would telepathic aliens have any need to use initials? They wouldn't. All the technology in the story is overly complicated and poorly explained, an example of this is the nano eyes, nano scanners, nano molecules, and nano bots…all of which do basically the same thing in varying degrees. One nano "insert name here" could have made the reading much easier. The writer relies too much on comparing things in the story to either Star Trek or Star Wars instead of using his own imagination to describe things in the story. I hope the writer takes the criticism as constructive and takes no offense, but as is the book is just not a good read. It had promise but failed to deliver a compelling and interesting story.