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With over ten tears of experience in Corporate America, Madison Haven, like most in her field grew curious of what else in life their could be out there in the world for her. Due to an unfortunate personal tragedy, Madison decided to take that leap, leaving her high paying career to give back by becoming a teacher. Followed by hard work and dedication, she is currently employed in the Atlanta area with an aspiration of becoming a successful novelist; and combined with her background in education, she decided to publish her experiences with the school system as an introductory to the literary industry. We've all been warned not to mix business with pleasure, but the temptation to balance the two contributed to the birth of "The Teacher Tales Trilogy" which is loosely based on the widely publicized Atlanta Public School Cheating scandal. Madison quickly turned her writing into reality forming the Trilogy...The Novice Teacher...The Seasoned Teacher...and concluding with The Master Teacher, a tell all written with a clever balance of erotica and contemporary elements of the cheating case from first hand knowledge; that has best seller written all over. Madison Haven is a mysterious figure who has lived on the frontline of an industry portrayed as a flawless system and this trilogy invites you as a fly on the wall as she tells it all.

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