Before I became an eBook Author and brand, there was a story: I lived it and then I wrote a screenplay about what it was like to be a hairdresser for a mob couple. Everyone who read the Mafia Hairdresser screenplay said they loved it. But my mentors advised me to write and sell a book version before I tried selling the screenplay. They said I would make more money. So, I wrote the book. The publishers and book agents who liked Mafia Hairdresser requested that I write another book. “No publisher likes a one-hit-wonder.” But I did write and self-publish The Glow Stick Gods. (Based on my life experience.)
After I self-published this book, I was and will probably always be known as the Mafia Hairdresser. I was branded by my readers so everything I do is under the Mafia Hairdresser brand. I’m good with that; and now there are a lot of copy cats which is the best form of flattery.
I also wrote a spec screenplay for a Hollywood director friend of mine, Bill. The screenplay was called “Success In Numbers.” But Bill had a hard time getting funding for the film. “It’s too bad this wasn’t a play,” Bill told me, “then we’d get the money to do this picture.” So I produced and directed the play version and it was a sell-out for six weeks! (I’ve always been good at marketing.) And then Bill died.
Did you know that self-publishing authors are some of the best social media specialists in the world? When I realized that my own industry was not utilizing social media to its full extent, my expertise in social media became something I began to share. Now I produce inexpensive social media tutorials for EVERY INDUSTRY as well as for salons, spas & barbers; under the Mafia Hairdresser brand.
At 24 I owned my own salon called, Visage Appearance Centre, in Long Beach, California. I’ve been educated by the masters of the beauty industry in cutting, coloring and styling. And I was the first hairdresser to be hired to assist at the world famous Sebastian International “Cassandra 2000 Salon,” directly from Cosmetology School. I’m an expert in salon management as well as salon marketing and retailing. My career spans more than 30 years and has included highlights such as being a facialists and a Makeup Artist for Christian Dior Parfums. My first beauty column byline was in an Orange County magazine in the mid-80’s and this is when I first discovered I had a knack for writing.
Now I’m settled in Chicago where I work mostly in an office on the 44th floor of 100 E. Walton where I film my tutorials, write books and coach my social media clients via Skype in my office. I also have a one room personal Salon Suite located on the street level of the same building so I can still do a few of my hair clients every day. Thank you to all of my clients who Yelped or City Searched me to the top. “Best colorist in Chicago!”
I trained at Second City and acted in a few plays. I’ve done parade commentary, TV cable specials for charities and I continue to do beauty spots on the web. Because I have a swell media profile in Chicago and, I feel, I’m a decent guy, I get to be honored by hosting events. I do lots of inspirational speaking. I am co-founder of Made In Chicago Speakers Bureau.
Some of the work that I’m proudest for are my rallies for civil rights & the environment, and I just hosted an event for the American Cancer Society. Because I ran what was called “The Green Ministry” I was honored to attend a city program designed to assist individual green groups and their causes. I am what is called a Chicago Conservation Corps Leader.
My biggest and best gift I can give back to the salon business is to teach what I know about how social media (I learned by marketing this book!) can play a big part in the future and success of the industry at-large.
I am currently writing the last installment of The “Mafia Hairdresser Chronicles.” Jessy will be back after The Glow Stick Gods.
Mafia Hairdresser aka Jon-David

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