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Maggi Andersen lives with her lawyer husband in a quaint old town in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. She began writing fiction after raising three children and studying for a BA and an MA in Creative Writing.
When not creating stories, Maggi reads, enjoys her garden, goes for long walks and feeds the local wildlife. Her six kookaburras (Australian Kingfishers) prefer to be hand fed.
An Amazon bestselling Regency author, Maggi has written over 25 novels and novellas in several genres, contemporary romantic suspense and historical romances and young adult novels. Having grown up reading her mother's Georgette Heyer novels and her father's adventure stories, Maggi’s romances are filled with adventure, mystery or intrigue, but always with a happy ending.
Her latest series
Dangerous Lords series
The Baron's Betrothal
Seducing the Earl
The Viscount's Widowed Lady
The Marquess Meets His Match

Captain Jack Ryder - The Duke's Bastard - Regency Sons
Unmasking Lady Helen - The Kinsey Family

The Baxendale Sisters Series
Lady Honor's Debt
Lady Faith Takes a Leap
Lady Hope and the Duke of Darkness
The Seduction of Lady Charity
The Scandalous Lady Mercy
On Pre-order A Gift for a Goddess - A Legend to Love

Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
Even though my first book, a contemporary murder mystery titled Murder in Devon, reached semi-finalist in the Penguin/Amazon Breakthrough novel contest, I still found it hard in Australia at the time to get a publisher. I was published with an Indie publishing house in the US, and have been Indie published since. I'm happy to work with a good publisher, while self publishing the stories not suitable for my publisher's list. The creative freedom of self-publishing really appeals. And the fact that I can get the books out to readers really fast. It's a new venture for me, we'll see how it goes.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Certainly, with a few of my previous novels! I'm looking forward to working more closely with Smashwords.
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Smashwords book reviews by Maggi Andersen

  • Wednesday's Child on Nov. 14, 2017

    I am an avid reader of Rosemary Morris' series. Saunton and Amelia come to this story with some history. I first thought because of her grandmother's overwhelming influence, Amelia might not develop into the person she was meant to be. But she is thrown into a household filled with young women, and pets, something she has never experienced. And with the skilful handling of the author, we follow Amelia's journey and Saunton's. Now Amelia's guardian, Saunton is a stickler for what is correct, and he is burdened with financial worries, a widowed mother, and sisters he must guide safely to the altar. Could two such unlikely characters fall hopelessly in love? A rocky road lies ahead. Rosemary Morris brings the era alive with her beautiful prose and accurate historical details. A great read!