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Hi, My name is Leanne Bell, I'm 24 and I live in Canterbury, UK. I work in customers services and I love to read and review books on pretty much anything.
It doesn't matter whether they are books I've chosen myself or been requested by an author, I will always write honest reviews on my blog but I am never mean or nasty. There is always something to like about a book.

Thats it about me really, oh, and I really like chocolate and hate balloons!

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Smashwords book reviews by Leanne Bell

  • Between on June 05, 2011

    First of all I'd like to say a big thank you to Cyndi for asking me to review this for her, it's always an honour to be asked :-) As usual I'll start my review with a brief, spoiler-free synopsis: Lindsey waters is on a date when tragedy strikes and she is killed in a car accident, but for Lindsey, this is only the beginning. Soon after her death a very handsome Scot names Aiden appears who tells her he is there to transport her to heaven. But as Lindsey and Aiden spend more time together and their attraction grows, Lindsey finds herself resisting the lure of heaven itself in order to be with him. Can love really be strong enough to transcend the boundaries of life and death? If your reading the above and thinking it sounds to similar to other supernatural and paranormal love stories then you couldn't be more wrong. Between takes all of the elements that are needed for a good romance and has a twist of it's own. The idea of a transporter is a fascinating thing to me, after all, how can we be expected to die and immediately know where to go? The answer? We can't. Therefore it'd be nice to have a guide, and that is what Aiden is. This story does not start gently and I was taken aback a little (in a good way) by the beginning because I did not see it coming at all, which is weird, because I knew that Lindsey was dead from the start because of the synopsis. In relation to that however, I will confess that the story goes a little slow just before the middle, but this soon picks up again and it wasn't much of an issue at all. There's also a massive twist half way through that I honestly didn't see coming, and my jaw literally dropped because it was the last thing I was expecting! I really really loved the all the trips to various times and places (although I won't say too much because I don't want to spoil anything) through the eyes of both Lindsey and Aiden. To me this made the whole afterlife seem much more adventurous and having the ability to look back at things is a fascinating concept, especially when considering the fact you may notice different things while looking at something you've already experienced (again I will say no more, I shall spoil nothing!) Ultimately this is a romance with an historical twist and if your a Scottish fan (or if your an eighth Scottish like me) you will be drawn in by the Scottish history and landscape just like I was. If your not a Scottish fan, then it really doesn't matter because this is a truly enchanting story and not to be missed in any way, shape or form. And as for Aiden himself, well I think I fell for him, every girl in the world young or old dreams of finding a man who is that devoted, loyal and romantic and Aiden is all that and more *swoons while typing* I challenge any woman reading this, not to want Aiden, I really do! In summary, I loved this novel. Cyndi has created a very imaginative and original world that has no bounds or limits, I have to admit, I would never have imagined an afterlife like this. Romantic, pacey and with several jaw-dropping twists, I think all readers will be left longing for the next in the series. Amazing book!
  • Hexult on Oct. 03, 2011

    After much kindle trouble I finally got to finishing this book and a big thanks to the author for the endless patience! A big big thank you goes to Perry Aylen (actually two very clever people working on the same novel!) for asking me to review this book. To kick my review off here's the Goodreads synopsis to give you a brief introduction: 'When the seas rose and the world froze, much knowledge was lost. Mysterious twins, Jacob and Elya, shipwrecked in Hexult, discover their superior understanding of science is mistaken for magic by the superstitious islanders. With the aid of Aulf the mailman and his fiery crewmate, Ingar, the twins must overcome terrible tragedy and danger, to save their reputations and their lives.' I love a good fantasty novel, especially as I'm one of those people who can imagine themselves in the places described in a book and I had no problems in doing so with this one. The text is so richly descriptive and highly imaginative that I found I could picture everything with clarity, from the Varja Crevasse and on to the wonderfully named Islands of Orking Do, Quayven and Pelago (among others!). With regards to this, perhaps the only issue I had with this novel was that there was a lot of new terms and places to absorb and at first I found myself struggling to take it all in, but by the time I was further into the novel and place names and people had been repeated I found that it had all sunk in, so much so that even with the huge gap in reading this book due to my broken kindle, I was able to remember names of places and people with ease when I went to finish it. For those who love your adventure and magic (erm science, I mean) this is also an adventure story with a twist and I found myself laughing on occasion at the citizens of Hexult who, in the bigger part, drove me nuts with their superstitions, and I found myself wanting to yell at them all. One of the things that I quickly came to wonder was if the seas did rise and the world froze over and people forgot about science and common sense, would we go back to believing such things as magic, prophecy and judging people on such things? Or would we at least retain some of our knowledge? To me it would feel like a step backwards, but reading this book, it makes complete sense, because it would be quite easy in the absence of knowledge to revert to a very medieval attitude. All that aside, the trips across the ice coupled with the fights, the raiding and the fantastical buildings that are created captured my imagination with ease and had my heart racing in some instances and I was left fascinated by some of the ideas and by the simple thought that it only takes a small group of people to change the world, even in the face of so much adversity and superstition. Character wise I loved the twins and how they dealt with the situation they were dropped into despite everything that was against them and I got rather attached to Aulf and Ingar too so I will definitely be reading the sequel to this to find out what happens next. If your looking for something different to read give this a go, you won't be disappointed.
  • I Loved You First on Nov. 02, 2011

    First of all I'd like to say a big thanks to Reena for asking me to review her book and also for asking me to take part in her up-coming blog tour, it's always amazing to be asked to take part in these events. I have to say, I loved this book and although it's a novella and quite short it tackles a very important issue and with sensitivity, care and has just as much impact as a full length novel would have. Alex has just started college along with her best friend Seth who she has known since they were at school together. Things are pretty much going OK apart from two things. Number one, Alex is in love with Seth and number two, Seth is gay and only Alex knows about it. As all is revealed Alex faces some tough times and choices as she risks losing both her best friend and the person she loves. To an outsider reading this review it may appear a bit odd that a straight girl is in love with a guy she knows is gay. But for anyone who's ever been in love you'll know how irrational love can actually be and regardless of the circumstances, you can't help who you fall in love with and in what circumstances. I can't write an in-depth review without posting spoilers accidentally but what I can tell you is that this is a wonderful story of self-discovery, honesty and learning to love yourself. I have to admit, I did not envy either Alex or Seth, especially towards the half-way point of the story when they both faced some truly difficult times. Alex is in every way the sidekick to Seth's stronger character and it was wonderful to see things change as the story progressed and as Seth also changed and adapted (I have to admit I was furious with both him and Alex on several occasions because of some of the things that happened). As someone who has and had both Gay and Bi friends, I found some of the characters attitudes to being gay absolutely horrifying, some people are so judgemental it's unbelievable and we see some extreme reactions in this novel with some extreme consequences. Other characters play a major part in this novel, in both good and bad ways including Dink, who I still haven't made my mind up about, and Trinity, who is just simply awesome in every way. I think if I were to have any of these characters as a friend, it would be Trinity. Even Cheyenne who, to put it mildly, is not my favourite person plays a part in things being different towards the end and the scene with her and Trinity had me doubled up laughing. As I've previously said, this is a short novella but it's impactful. I'd recommend this book for Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Curious and everyone else in the world really. Reena tackles some difficult issues in this novel and although this is not a heavy read, it will make you think. In short, this is a stunning book with lessons to be learned in both loving yourself, loving others, being true to yourself and breaking free and with an ending I'm sure most readers will love.