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John T O'Halloran has been an English Freemason for over thirty-five years. Having taken part in countless ceremonies, he became convinced they were incomplete and that the missing pieces had probably been hidden in other Masonic orders, which led him to explore his instinct which resulted in him writing the first two books in The Children of Adam trilogy. His writing of the trilogy was interrupted two years ago because John realised that his book Red Chameleons, which he had written in 1993 had had a breath of fresh air blown back into it when the Russians sent their troops into Ukraine. It has also been helped more recently by the way the elections in the USA are unravelling.

Imagine, that following the US elections in November glasses are raised in Moscow because, following a military coup, a new Czar replaces the President and succeeds re-establishing the old Soviet Union. At the same time, he succeeds in having Russia’s puppet elected as President of the USA. This new President is a fascist, white racist southerner from Texas. Immediately before this, he convinced the USA that they should both disarm, which the Russians do not. The consequences are terrifying.

John laughs about how he actually arrived at this position, because to begin with he didn’t know where the book was because it had not been printed, it had been stored on floppy discs in 1993. Since then he had moved several times and thought that he had lost the book. However, after searching high and low, he found a dusty envelope marked Danger Everywhere on his bookshelf. Inside were three floppy discs' but he had no hardware that could read them. After buying a floppy disc reader, he discovered that his book was in a format no longer used. Overcoming this obstacle, he discovered that he couldn’t remember exactly what he had written. 165,000 words later he realised that he had something worth pursuing because of the subject matter but it needed some work and the removal of several thousand words.

John still likes rugby, good wine, and currently lives in West Sussex with his partner Micky, where with her support, he is currently putting the finishing touches to the last book in this, The Children of Adam series. After that, there may even be a sequel to Red Chameleons.

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The Second Conflict
Price: $5.00 USD. Words: 109,410. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: August 3, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient
Why do names like The Devil, Satan and Lucifer exist, who are they now, what new names have these symbols of evil taken on; who among us, have they seduced with promises of wealth and power to aid them in their bid to rule us all?

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