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Smashwords book reviews by MaikNog

  • First Stringers: Eyes That Do Not See on March 22, 2011

    I got interested into the book because of its blurb. The mix of "kids with super-powers" and a relation to the String theory seemed fascinating. Well, the String theory is only loosely related, but nevertheless the book is a hit for me. Anytime I opened the book I ended up reading a dozen or more chapters in a row; sometimes till the crack of dawn (no joke). Even so the nearly 500 pages took some time to read, but still I was sad, when I reached the last page. The story unfolded and evolved at a good pace; I never lost the interest (too slow) or the overview (too fast). In hindsight I think, it contains some "teens get responsibilities and grow mature" morale, but that was a very fine underline and not in the way. The ending was a good closure for the first part, but left enough space (cliffhanger anyone?) for the second part. Which I will buy right now, so my review is over. I heartily recommend the book for any reader who likes "super power" stories with a twist.