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  • Last Wish: Stories to Inspire a Peaceful Passing (Updated Edition with New Hospice Story) on May 02, 2012

    I wasn't expecting to become engrossed in this book since the topic was about dying. I was totally stunned reading this thrilling page turner. Not because it was entertaining and compelling, but because it made me think about things I rarely thought about. Last Wish had the unique ability to keep me glued to the pages yet provided much more than entertainment. It made me stop and smell the roses. After finishing the book, I knew then I needed to take control of my ultimate passing and make sure that my family and friends were not part of some long, drawn out and potentially horrible event. It took my Mother three years to pass away in 1961. I thought the suffering, pain and misery was just the way it happens. Before reading Last Wish, it never occurred to me that there are choices one can make to avoid death's potential indignities. Read the book and you'll feel better about dying. As a bonus, you'll feel better about living too.