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"An admittedly crazy person, mother and wife in a lesbian marriage, I am a reclusive otaku-loving, recovering shut-in who mostly interacts with people virtually.

I was born to an Ojibwe mother in California in 1977. I've worked as a teacher, Subway Sandwich Mascot, part time campaign manager, and digital illustrator. I live with my wife, and my preschool-aged son in Denver Colorado. I consider San Francisco and Tokyo to be my home towns, despite never having been to Japan.

I'm not Asian, but I study Japanese Culture, Politics, and Nationalism in my spare time, when not hiding from my shadow or desperately trying to earn money for the boy's eventual college misadventures. Before my son was born, I was an avid MMO gamer, anime/manga fan, and novelist. Now all I want is sleep. And french toast."

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Fans mean everything. I mean, without them buying and reading and reviewing my work I would literally not have a job. I would still write, but making others see the worlds I see in my head, letting them explore the characters the same way I do, that's as close to god as I'm ever going to get, i think. Plus, the reviews, good and bad, push me to write more. To connect to my fans. At this point all of my biggest fans are actually also friends who I met through the internet. And days when the mental illnesses are howling like wolves at the door of my thoughts it's the encouragement of my fans that keeps me connected. Trying harder. Also, it helps that they are literally paying my rent. So yay for that.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I've written four novels so far, and each one has been constrained by a sense that I was concerned about what a literary agent might think. There was a lot of hemming and hawing with the early editions of those books. I wrote GUNS OF PENANCE as a sort of cathartic opposite to those books where I wrote it with a "To hell with it!" attitude. I wrote it in like, fifty-four days, or something, whereas my "first" novel took nearly seven years and was still a mess. This book is just sort of my hyperbolic homage to guilty pleasure works, like Mad Max, Kill Bill, Anais Nin's sex stories, and those cheesy 70's-90's giant robot anime from Japan.

It's basically a chase story, with people who are desperate, guilty, afraid, and looking for something beyond just "rescuing/capturing" someone. It deals with loss, new beginnings, and some of the regrets that can really haunt a person in life, but I tried to tie that all in with an action and sexy romance popcorn story.
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Smashwords book reviews by Mari Kurisato

  • Paintwork on June 27, 2011

    An exhilarating tightly written eyeball burner of a collection. It's over too soon, and offers only a small glimpse of a world filled with electric intrigue, complex characters and artificial decay that leaves you wanting more.
  • Blood Ties (Part One: Daddy's Little Girl) on Aug. 21, 2015

    Every once in awhile there comes a writer whose prose is so elegant, they change the river of literature in their wake and leave an indelible fingerprint on the landscape of the reader’s imagination. Such rare treasures are often buried deep in the sea of good-to-mediocre, their diamond presentation just waiting for the right time, the right hands. Thankfully, at last I can say that Miss Claire Monserrat Jackson is such a jewel. You’ve the hands, dear reader, and the time is right now. Some who want everything for nothing will complain that the serial is too short for its price, and although I agree with the former I vehemently argue against the latter. For the price of a cuppa, you get a tiny puzzle box world so intricate and detailed and layered with meaning that it might well take multiple readings to see all the carefully crafted gear work moments of confusing perfection. Monserrat Jackson’s prose weaves its way through mythology and history in a dance that’s familiar, yet eldritch and alien giving you a dystopian afterworld gilded with gods and myths of the past wrapped up in passages that yearn for Sam Spade’s office. Claire Monserrat Jackson’s heart beats on the page, the blood in the words and the ink, and the work is better for it. Our protagonist is a woman of color (and song!) and from what I can guess, at least a little more than Queer in the LGBTQIA sense. Which, frankly, in a world with too many white male heroes, is a giant relief. People want diversity in speculative fiction, and Miss Monserrat Jackson serves it up on a plate of caviar prose. Make no mistake, she’s a genre breaker, delivering such a svelte story so impressively drenched with just the perfect detail to leave you in the moment of that world. If I haven’t impressed this upon you yet let me scream it from the roof tops. Blood Ties: Part One is an amazing masterpiece of urban punk noir, and you should buy it yesterday.