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  • The Bridge of Dead Things on April 10, 2013

    I loved this book. As soon as I saw it was about Victorian mediums and seances I knew I had to have it. I read the sample I downloaded in one sitting then downloaded the whole thing. I had some misgivings that a few of the storylines seemed to peter out near the beginning but I was wrong to worry. They all resurfaced as the plot twists developed and were nicely tied up by the end. Lizzie Blaylock makes a feisty young protagonist and all the characters really leapt off the page. They’re charming, funny, flawed and frustrating in turns. I loved Albert. I even loved to hate the awful Violet. Be warned: this is not your average YA paranormal. There isn’t a vampire or were in sight. Nor is there even a sniff of steampunk about the Victorian setting. But it’s a real page turner with a great story. I was dreading reaching the end. My one consolation is there’s apparently a second book on the way. Till then you know what I’ll be rereading.
  • The Scarab Heart on Oct. 23, 2013

    The story starts quite slowly but as soon as the wind begins to blow in Ancient Egypt it quickly becomes a hurricane that will not stop. An awesome blend of history, mystery and love story in turns. I loved the first book but OMG even if some of my favourite characters don’t make a reappearance in this one, I think it’s better. Can’t wait for the third.