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  • Voice on June 05, 2011
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    "Voice" is a great read, mixing the backstage life of a rock band with gruesome horror. It starts off a little uneven, but soon picks up and rolls hard all the way to the end, and Garraty knows how to keep a reader off balance. The horror elements are suitably chilling, and Garraty writes about the details of music-making with the knowledge of somebody who's been there and done that. However, the real strength of "Voice" is the way it follows the development, and in some cases the unraveling, of the protagonists, four musicians who each have to face the question, "What's it worth to you to succeed?" The trappings of superstardom are mostly absent from this decision. It's not about groupies and limousines, but about taking a chance on making a living at something you love. The choice has real and different consequences for each of the characters, and the way they grapple with those consequences keeps the pages turning... or the screen refreshing, as the case may be. This is a book well worth your time. Pick it up and give it a try.