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Currently I am a REALTOR® in Austin, Tx. I have been a counsellor in my church (Church of Scientology), a teacher, an Amway distributor, a telemarketer, and am a mother and grandmother. A voracious reader myself, I am proud that my daughter is a published author. Check out her Smashword offers: Elizabeth McCoy.

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  • The Best Revenge on June 11, 2011

    Imagine a frisky kitten. Now imagine that kitten, like a centaur, only a cat-centaur, with arms, hands with opposable thumbs, and Super-Intelligent. Imagine this kitten on a space-ship, bored, and annoyed with a cousin who caused her to break a leg. With time on her paws, she figures out exactly how to get even. This story is really humorous and fun. The world-building inherent in the tale (tail) isn't obtrusive, but one gets a feel for the universe of Kintaurans. Go for it.
  • What Really Matters on July 09, 2011

    Kinahran (from The Best Revenge) is now on a field trip with another group of kids - all cat-centaurs. The fun turns scary when first their group leader is injured and then bipeds show up, with weapons! where they aren't supposed to be. The kids (keesol in Kintaran) have to figure out how to handle a sticky situation. The personalities of the group are beautifully drawn, and you want to smack Datchel (Kinahran's nemesis from 'Revenge') just as hard as his sister does! Some nice twists in this one.
  • Spoonfuls of Sugar on July 09, 2011

    Here's the back-story on Kinahran's mother and aunt, who volunteer for some medical research to earn enough money to save the Choosaraf, their ship, from the nefarious schemes of its captain. I really liked the characterization of Klarin-yal and Coli-nfaran, the two protagonists, and the 'unique' way they handle the situation.