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Dr Abdullah Manaz
Abdullah Manaz was born in Yozgat's Yerköy district in 1958. He graduated from Ankara Mamak high school in 1978 and from Theology Faculty of Ankara University in 1984. In 1990, he became a doctor of Islamic Philosophy in Institute of Social Sciences of Ankara University. His Doctorate Thesis was about Role of Wisdom about Understanding Quran.
He started journalism after 1978 and his some news and cartoons were published in national newspapers. He entered to Turkish Radio and Television as producer in 1984. He has made hundreds program's production and direction until this day. He received various awards in 1985, 1986 and 1994 with his programs. In 1987, he studied Arabic language for a period of one year in Syria. He made researching several times in Northern Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the European countries.
He gave lectures about “Program Production on TV” at Faculty of Communication of Ege University between 1995 and 1998. He was president of "National unity and Strategy Foundation" in 2003 and 2004. He has participated to national and international conferences and has presented papers. He has retired as a strategic expert at TRT Izmir Television in 2011. He speaks Arabic and English.
His Published Works:
1. The Islamic Movements in Last Period, (Big Boy 232 Pages) Ankara - 1989. (Turkish)
2. Turkish Period Monuments in Syria’s Capital Damascus, Ministry of Culture Publications, Arabic-Turkish Book Photo Album, Ankara-1992. (ISBN 975-17-0928-8)
3. Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge, Primary 4 Class Textbook, Policy Publications, (Big Boy 128 Pages), Ankara - 1994. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-7724-30-0)
4. Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge, Primary 5 Class Textbook, Policy Publications, (Big Boy 128 Pages), Ankara - 1994. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-7724-29-7)
5. Atatürk's Reforms and Islam, Akademi Publications, (Big Boy 257 Pages) İzmir - 1995. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-8001-00-0)
6. History of Political Zionism, IQ Publications (Medium-sized 144 pages), Istanbul - 2005. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-255-032-0)
7. The Groups against Turkiye, IQ Publications (Medium-sized 128 pages), Istanbul - 2005. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-255-033-9)
8. Atlas of Strategic Maps, IQ Publications, 16 Strategic Maps, Istanbul - 2006. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-255-080-0)
9. Atatürk's Reforms and Islam, (Current Edition), IQ Publications (Medium-sized 336 pages), Istanbul - 2006. (Turkish) (ISBN 975-255-084-3)
10. Political Islamism, 1 Volume: Political Islamism in the World, (Medium-sized 512 Pages), 2nd Volume: Political Islamism in Turkiye, (Medium-sized 576 pages), Extended Third Edition, IQ Publications, Istanbul - 2008. (Turkish) (ISBN 978-975-255-174-9)
11. Turkish Quran, Chronological and with Decline Reasons, (Medium-sized 656 pages), first edition, IQ Publications, Istanbul - 2008. (Turkish) (ISBN 978-975-255-218-0)
12. Turkish Calendar and Astrology, Personality Analysis by Year of Birth, (Medium sized, 128 pages), First edition, IQ Publications, Istanbul - 2010. (Turkish) (ISBN 978-975-255-292-0)
His E-Books:
1. Oil and the Middle East, Screen Size: 760x560, 24 Page, 267 KB, 2012
2. Terrorism in Turkey, Screen Size: 760x560, 66 Page, 232 KB, 2005
3. Islam and Sport, Screen Size: 760x560, 54 Page, 267 KB, 2012
4. Petrol ve Ortadoğu (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 48 Sayfa, 390 KB, 2012.
5. Türkiye’ye Yönelik Terör Odakları (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 128 Sayfa, 307 KB, 2005
6. İslamda Akıl (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 164 Sayfa, 360 KB, 1988
7. Türk Takvimi ve Astrolojisi (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 160 Sayfa, 481 KB, 2012
8. Siyasi Siyonizm Tarihi (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 216 Sayfa, 521 KB, 2005
9. Atatürk Reformları ve İslam (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 760x560, 532 Sayfa, 608 KB, 2005
10. Dünyada Siyasal İslamcılık (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 960x570, 522 Sayfa, 1052 KB, 1995-2012
11. Türkiye’de Siyasal İslamcılık (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 960x570, 616 Sayfa, 1176 KB, 1995-2012
12. Kronolojik Türkçe Kuran (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 960x570, 856 Sayfa, 1227 KB, 2012
13. Stratejik Haritalar (Turkish), Ekran Boyutu: 960x570, 20 Sayfa, 4384 KB, 2005
14. Şam'da Türk Eserleri - Asari'l Ahdi't Turki Fi Dimaşk (Turkish and Arabic), Ekran Boyutu: 750x570, 222 Sayfa, 25,2 MB, 1988
15. Turkish Monuments in Damascus - Asar al Ahdi al Turki fi Dimask, Ekran Boyutu: 750x570, 222 Sayfa, 25,2 MB, 1988

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Oil and the Middle East
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 5,920. Language: English. Published: June 8, 2014. Categories: Essay » Political
This eBook is short history of Oil and the Middle East. Oil has become the most important factor in the emergence of basic problems and conflicts in the Middle East. The most important region where is oil outside the U.S. was the Middle East that is center of world trade routes. Most important oil regions in the Middle East was Azerbaijan and Iraq dominated by the Turks.

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