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Amanda lives in Arkansas with her husband and young daughter. She loves to read and write, which is what you can find her doing most of the time. This Beautiful Thing is her debut novel.

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Smashwords book reviews by Amanda Heath

  • The Conduit on Oct. 18, 2012

             Wow! This book is so great!! It was a quick read and I found myself wishing it was longer. Thankfully I was asked to review The Conduit and Embrace together so I don't have to wait for long. Celeste is an amazing character. I love her witty banter and was laughing out loud so hard at some points. She is a really strong character who didn't freak out about the freaky changes in her life. She embraced them with open arms and fought her enemy's to the best of her abilities. Gabe really surprised me. I thought he was going to be grumpy unemotional man but he had heart and learned to focus his anger on other things. There was a touching scene between him and Celeste and I was surprised as much as her that he was as in tuned to what was going on. Keni was so cute. She was just as funny as Celeste and she handled what was going on better then you would think a 15 year old would. Grams was awesome! Her choice of fashion was so hilarious! I mean come on a leopard print bikini on an old lady is just to much! All in all it was fantastic with plenty of action, drama, and a little romance thrown in!  
  • Destine; The Watcher's Trilogy Book 1 on Oct. 19, 2012

             I'm so in love with this book! Ms. Polillo did a wonderful job here. I'm not a religious person and I got kind of worried at the beginning because of the bible quotes before each chapter. But she doesn't throw it in your face making you feel like you just read the bible. I love her take on Judgement day and the end of the world. Plus the antichrist is in high school with the heroine? Very different then other books I've read. It was slow to start but I'm glad I stuck with it because it's totally worth it!! I'm a big fan of Michelle because in other books I find the leading lady quick to believe everything the hero says and blah blah blah. She didn't do this. She actually thinks Gabriel is crazy and I love this. This makes the story feel more real. Gabriel is sweet and totally hott. I almost got scared because they met in science class...sound familiar? But I'm happy to report he's not a sparkly vampire. No he's a fallen angel, my favorite kind. This book has plenty to go around with all the drama, action and romance. You'll find yourself reading it through the night losing sleep. But it's totally worth it. Now I'm sitting her waiting "patiently" for book 2.