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  • Troy DeNuthe's World of Ice Cubes on July 11, 2012

    I read Professor DeNuthe's book while finishing Carroll Quigley's monumental "Tragedy and Hope", and it's impossible not to be struck by the many parallels. Quigley spends 1300 pages giving a multi-faceted picture of world society over the first half of the twentieth century, considering it simultaneously from the points of view of macroeconomics, power relationships, weapons technology, psychology and religion. But DeNuthe, with the capable help of his editor and girlfriend, shows that a much simpler explanation is possible: it all comes down to ice cubes. At first, I will admit that I had my doubts, but DeNuthe's arguments are irrefutable. Socrates, Hitler, the Titanic, blue plastic trays... they all link together into a coherent whole. My view of the world is permanently changed. I suppose the Nobel Prize committee will go through the motions of considering other candidates, but, frankly, they could spare themselves the trouble. Remember you read it here first.