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Manny Steinberg (1925-2015), born in Radom (Poland), spent his early years in German Camps, amongst which Auschwitz, Vaihingen Enz, and Dachau.

Manny Steinberg decided to write his autobiography "Outcry - Holocaust Memoirs" when the six years of living in camps was over. By writing his story, he fulfilled a promise he made to himself during the first days of freedom. Later on, when living in America, he was having a hard time relaying what he had gone through. The writing process took him ten years, and now that Outcry is being read by so many people across the world, the author feels that he is finally being heard and is very grateful for that.

Manny had never wanted to visit Germany again, until recently. In April 2015 he was invited, along with seven other survivors, to attend the commemoration of the liberation 70 years ago of his latest camp, Vaihingen an der Enz. It was an emotional visit during which he was joined by his family and friends. They also made a visit to Dachau.

Manny's life story has captured the miracle of one man's determination to survive. The book is inevitably an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope. By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, the author wants to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during WWII.

Although Manny never attended school past the 3rd grade, he managed to always support his family while providing a foundation of strength and love.

"Not a day goes by that I do not think of my childhood or family, but as long as I'm allowed to be here on earth, I will wake up everyday feeling fortunate and blessed."

"When the German soldiers killed everyone I loved, I knew my purpose was to not merely exist but to live."

"I live for my wife, children, grandchildren and now my great-grandchildren."

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