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  • The Fat Man's Disk - Treachery in the Middle East on Jan. 31, 2011

    Awaiting you is a wonderful journey through the Middle East climbing to a soaring and spellbinding climax. Whether you actually like to travel, especially these days, this yarn by Raoul Drapeau is replete with all the right sights and sounds and smells -- take it from me as one who has travelled there, as well as studied there, worked there, and lectured on it. Drapeau takes you into an intrigue-laden adventure, with sophisticated mystery and action-packed, page-turning exploits and harnessed sexual power that more than satisfies the most discriminating and demanding reader. The cherry on top is that thanks to the artful storytelling of a technical whiz-kid and and storied inventor in his own right, Drapeau deftly peels back the opaque curtain that hides so much of science and engineering with the result you are thoroughly entertained and, before you know it, you have actually learned a few things. Wow, what a ride! The book's thumbnail description mentions a nefarious "Christian preacher," so as an ordained Presbyterian minister I was on the alert for the too-common "low blows." But they're not here, thank you, and there's nothing that requires a caution to the faithful. I can say that I've actually met and known a few characters in my own pastoral adventures that in their own real world would be quite at home with what one could call "the dark side" in some religious haunts; the whole thing is completely believable to me. Drapeau honors a silent but thorough-going contract with his readers. He delivers more than he promises and he keeps delivering right up to the very end. Written with great respect for his readership, Drapeau's The Fat Man's Disc is hearty fare for anyone looking for intelligent thrills and brilliant characterizations with poise and often witty dialogue. The plot develops for you in your journey, and suddenly you have arrived at a most satisfying place in which no stone is left unturned and the bad guys "get theirs."