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Margaret Weston is the author of the 'How do I know?' series and the BSBP series.

The 'How do I know?' series arose from a desire to answer the many questions that Margaret has been asked by friends about God. It also includes many questions she has had in her own mind over the years.

'How do I know I know God?' is the first book in this series. The purpose of this first book is to point you to the Lord Jesus Christ and Margaret's desire is simply that you should come to know Him for yourself. She would recommend therefore that you read the Bible - by far the best book of all! - but if you read any of the books in the 'How do I know?' series then her prayer is that these will generate in you a desire to seek God for yourself.

The BSBP series (Bible Studies for Busy People) are for a specific group of people - those who have a real desire to study the Bible but find they simply do not have the time. Life can be so busy and whilst there are many very good Bible Studies and Commentaries available, these can be quite off-putting for very busy people.

Margaret enjoyed successful careers in banking and management consultancy until 1998 and has professional qualifications in both areas (ACIS; ACIB). Since then however she has been able to pursue other interests, take more time to study the Bible and obtain a degree in theology with London University. She is involved in voluntary work with her local church and in the community and is now a passionate supporter of the work of Tearfund.

All profit from Margaret's writing is donated to charity and profit from the 'How do I know?' series is donated specifically to Tearfund. This organisation is helping to release people in many parts of the world from material and spiritual poverty. You can learn more at

Margaret would be delighted to hear from you with any comments or questions about her books and you can contact her via her website

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I started writing about 10 years ago. I stopped working (well, in paid employment anyway!) and began to get more involved in voluntary work with my church and in the local community. This led to me beginning to write Bible Studies for a local 'Ladies Group'. The group was connected to the church I attended and I had belonged to it for about 5 years. A fantastic group of women who have helped me so much and who still continue to do so.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writing for me is that I can write about Jesus. My passion and desire is for everyone to know what a wonderful Saviour He is. Obviously the best book anyone can read is the Bible, but if my books can help in any way to point to Him then that is all I want. It is wonderful to hear from people in many different parts of the world and to know that God has used my books to help or encourage. I find that both humbling and uplifting and all the praise and glory must go to Him.
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