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If anything, Margaret Afseth is a survivor. She spent most of 2014 battling Cancer, a tumor pressing on the optic nerve. Now she counts herself among the rare few who, in her words, conquered the 'Beastie'. Though now, sight impaired, with the aid of her daughter to publish, she continues to write.
From an early age, she was making up stories. While raising her four children alone, she wrote her first long hand. Unfortunately, she gave the only copy of the manuscript to someone of the opinion, she should not be writing at all. He burned it.
Discouraged, she went underground, not surfacing again until her senior years, when at the age of seventy, 2013, she rewrote and published, as a three part series, the lost novel, calling it The Aopato Chronicles.
Since then, Margaret has gone on to write the Noor Chronicles, published 2014, the last book of which was written while she was undergoing Chemo and Radiation treatment.
She just finished her present set of novels, the Deception Series; the last book: Ultimate Reckoning due out in July 2016. Never know what might come next...
Margaret is a widow, with four grown children, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Her experience comes not from academic education, but from the great reservoir of knowledge, gained from observing human nature.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada.
I loved to read adventure and mystery stories, but I believe I was influenced more by television. Our TV didn't come to us until I was a teen, and then it was only a black and white picture. Star Trek was very popular in our home, and to this day my brothers are diehard fans of sci-fi.
When did you first start writing?
My education was cut short after grade ten. I was the eldest, and being a girl, it was expected that I care for the younger members. I also married soon after I left home. It wasn't until I was abandoned with four young children that I started to write for my own escape and relaxation.
At that time, I even sent my work to various publishing houses, but I was very green...and maybe a bit ahead of the times. Whatever the reason, my novels did not catch notice.
I got into a cult church during those days, and was assigned a counselor. Proudly, I produced my hobby. And to his mind, and in his words, my work was an abomination. 'People like me weren't meant to write.'
Needless to say, I stopped writing.
Oh, did I mention? He burned my manuscript without my permission.
I did not go back to writing until my second husband encouraged me to do so. I then took a correspondence course in writing, and it went from there.
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