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Smashwords book reviews by Margie Byler

  • Blood Moon on Nov. 06, 2012

    Margie Byler November 6, 2012 What a wonderful warm story, I loved it. Blood Moon has a mystical quality and draws you in and you feel like you are there dancing with them. Elizabeth has the talent for writing. Continue to write them
  • Yule at My Feet on Dec. 06, 2012

    Once again Elizabeth takes us to an enchanted place. I love this story. This story is full of love and gratitude and we as humans can learn from it. I want to hear more of the birch sisters in the future. Thank you, Elizabeth for your lovely, charming story. Happy Yule. Margie Byler
  • Midwinter Guest on Feb. 05, 2013

    Elizabeth once again writes a warm and loving story with magic and elegance. I love the Birch grove, continue with the wonderful stories. Margie Byler
  • Hot Spiced Tea and Ginger Biscuits on March 15, 2013
    (no rating)
    This story is warm and it. Takes me back to my Grandmother and warm memories
  • Memories and Mean Chickens on March 19, 2013

    A very moving story of love and how we need to take love when it comes into our lives and value every bit and also not question it and judge it. 5 stars for Elizabeth
  • Ostara's Delight on March 26, 2013

    I love the grove stories and the descriptions of the new life and love is uplifting and cheerful. 5 stars again or Elizabeth. I look forward to what happens next.
  • The Poet on March 28, 2013

    I loved this story. You never know when or where you will find a treasure. We move too fast and miss a lot in life.
  • Ashes, Ashes, Don't Fall Down on Sep. 17, 2013

    As always, Elizabeth wrote a great story. This one is true to life sad to say but the girl found comfort in books and gained strength in her torment. In the end she had knowledge, strength and freedom. Margie Byler