Maria Chavez


My name is Maria Chavez. I am the oldest of five children. I live in the State of Massachusetts with my three beautiful daughters. Raised in a modest middle-class family, I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood with great parents who could provide for me and my siblings. Furthermore, we had a chance to constantly travel at a very young age, and they also introduced me to the wonderful world of reading. All my life I have found comfort, relaxation and enjoyment in the wonderful pages of a good book. My love for reading and my passion for history kept me immersed in the magnificent world of literature. I passed on the same love and passion for literature to my three daughters. After graduating from high school in the state of Texas, I joined the military. I proudly served my country and was honorably discharged years later. I obtained a Bachelor Degree at the University of Michigan, and later my Master in Education at Cambridge College in the State of Massachusetts. Most of my adult life I have been dreaming of becoming a writer. My younger sister encouraged me to start writing, giving me the push that I needed to publish my work. Finally, I am doing what I love to do – storytelling. I hope I can provide young children with the same endless tales, full of joy and adventures that helped me become a book lover and develop a passion for history.


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