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  • Black Silk on July 09, 2012

    I absolutely loved this story! I could not put it down. It has a twist that other paranormal books seem to skip. I like how it Cole admits that he has read Vic's favorite genre of books and says that there is some truth to them. It would be an interesting world if that were true. I hope to read a lot more like this book.
  • Traitor (Ava Delaney #6) on July 09, 2013

    Absolutely loved it!! Heart stopping, breath holding drama and excitement that kept the pages turning at the up most speed. It is a great conclusion to the series but you don't feel like it is the end but the beginning and are left satisfied with the end.
  • Man Seeks Woman - Man Seeks Woman 1 on July 23, 2013

    I had 15 minutes to kill so I decided to pick up and read Man Seeks Woman, I ended up blowing off my other plans (aka sleeping) and read it in its entirety. I loved this story. Even though it reminded me of other storied I have read I felt more of a connection to the characters in Man Seeks Woman than the other stories. From a woman who has to also special order bras because no one carries 38K in their stores, I really appreciate that Vic's body is that of a real woman and not some fake supermodel the media makes sexy women out to be and is what every other author uses as their main characters especially in genre like this. It is easy to relate to Vic, a woman that had a hard time growing up, has only the family that she chooses (friends), and like a bunch of people in the world is out of work and isn't able to find anything because she doesn't have the right look aka "barbie" she is trying really hard to find a job and even though she hates it and plans on paying them back, she is allowing her friend to pay for her rent amongst other things. She is a woman that speaks her mind and doesn't take crap from anyone. Vic ends up going for an interview but after an hour of waiting with a room full of barbies she decides to leave and on her way out she is talked into going into the interview, which she blunders through, and even though she is asked to proceed onto the next step of the process she leaves because no one would choose her over a perfect barbie doll. Things work out and Vic gets the job, but it isn't as easy as it should have been because along comes the ex and does everything she can to get back in to the life of Sebastian, including but not limited to threatening to kill her, belittling her about her past and much much much worse. I love this book and cannot wait for the next one to come out!!!!!!!!!! :-) Thanks Stephanie for such a pulse racing, breath holding, exciting book!!!
  • Man Seeks Woman 2, Man Seeks Wife on Dec. 02, 2013

    Absolutely LOVE this book! I sat down and read it straight through. I love how Stephanie's characters are not the stereotypical people you read about or see on TV, but people that have substance. This allows the reader to be able to connect with the characters on a deeper level, able to feel their emotions and allows some semblance of the story actually being able to happen in real life. i recommend this book to everyone!!!
  • Usurper (Chaos #4) on Nov. 22, 2014

    Absolutely wonderful story. Full of excitement, danger, and the challenges a mother will go to, to protect her daughter from the power seeking fae. I don't know if I will be able to handle the suspense until the next book comes out. I completely love Claire's Chaos Series, and Usurper did not disappoint. 💕😍💕