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I have been selling a range of weight loss machines in South Africa since 2011 after I read an article about Madonna losing cm with the acoustic wave (ultrasonic cavitation) machine, and many people asked me if the machines will work for them. I had to be honest and tell them that machines cannot do the weight loss on their own, maybe cm loss, and it is not permanent. People are forever searching how to improve their bodies and health, and do shop hopping and searching for the real answer.
I started to investigate a few eating plans. By starting to eat a high protein diet made me so constipated and made me realize that it was not such a good eating plan for me. I started searching for a diet I could use and which was highly advertised and “proved” in the media, but no one seemed to actually really work as I might lose 3kg but keep gaining it back for some or other reason. I also tried suppressants to make me eat less, but that caused havoc in my body, and it made me feel horrible.
The blood type method also taught me that I should not eat meat, due to me being an A+ blood-group, and I tried that, but I was so exhausted with no energy and always hungry, but it had a bit of truth in it, because certain foods made me feel bloated. I also realized that eating according my blood type was also not for me. My daughter is also a type A+ blood type and she is skinny and battles to put on weight and we used to eat the same food, and she could consume more food than me, whilst I am chubby and gain weight easily.
Also I realized that during my research and studying of diets and foods as well as what is right and wrong for your body, there were more diets and food books on the shelves and I could only be the next book, but I also realized that what I present in this book is not on any bookshelf and hope that I could somewhere help somebody to lose weight and be healthy and keep the weight off and being aware of their unique body. I took a diploma course in Nutritional Balancing Science and this also taught me about the metabolic diet. I have learnt through Nutritional Balancing Science that a Fast Oxidizer has more of an Apple Figure with a lower calcium and magnesium level which can cause diarrhea. The Slow Oxidizer is more the Pear figure and has a constipation tendency. The only reliable way to find out which oxidizer body you have is through hair analyses but this still does not reveal what kind of body you have, and I have not heard for certain that this eating plan helps for everybody.
With this book I intend to make you more aware of how your body works, the different elements of our body, how our emotions and food interlink. How allergies can occur by eating wrong and over acidity. When you take certain medicines - what food you need to avoid. How important food combination is and how cooling and heating foods affect your body. By knowing your secret code you can easily see if you fit the characteristics. On that knowledge you will be able to choose the correct table for your specific body element type.

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Rapid Weight Loss & Health Program: Discover The Secret Code Of Your Body Element Type To Know What Food Your Body Needs
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 27,830. Language: English. Published: November 8, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Dieting
This is a lifestyle – not a diet book. Forgotten ancient knowledge with a modern application with the easy color coding options to follow. Know why your body is unique to yourself and why your body differs from your family in certain instances. You will also learn why certain food combinations do not work well for your specific constitution.

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