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Smashwords book reviews by Marie10

  • Fairalon on June 01, 2016

    I love fantasy and I adore fairy tales! Fairy tales are my childhood love even though now I am old enough to be considered responsible enough to take up adult fiction tales more seriously. Even then, I cannot keep myself away from the mystery and fantasy that fairy tales are made of. Thus, I was drawn to TJ Roberts’ Fairalon when it came in the market and quickly started reading it to quench my thirst for fictional magic. I was not disappointed at all by Fairalon. Rather I was impressed by the way TJ Roberts created the tale of Iris who is an ordinary girl but is possessed with an unusual power. I would call it her power as she can see what others are incapable to see. It is her power to enter into the realm of otherwise the impossible. Iris learns to trust and that is one of the elements that our youth struggles today. I also love the phenomenon and technique used by TJ Roberts in creating the fairies on the names flowers. It is a brilliant effort that the author has made and in fact he has impressed me a lot. If there has to be a sequel to the novel, I will definitely wait for it!