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  • Spinning a Green Yarn -- Another Inconvenient Truth on May 25, 2012

    I really enjoyed the content of this book - it helped me understand the true impact of the highly touted wind energy projects. We are constantly inundated with press reports describing wind energy as a renewable, green energy resource that is without consequences. Nothing is without consequences and we are now finally realizing the devastating impact of the former "safe, renewable energy source" from damming major rivers. The salmon are in a devastating decline because of man's interference and harvesting of this supposedly innocuous resource. As we have watched the decline in the salmon population, we are finally understanding how our man-made changes to the environment can have disasterous effects on the natural world and our lives. This book helps the reader understand the implications of wind energy and how it will impact our environment; it also will help you understand the real cost to all of us - wind may be free, wind energy is far from a free energy source.