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  • Dealing with Demons on Oct. 22, 2013

    I would like to thank the author Melissa Haag and Never Too Old for Y. A and N. A Books for allowing me to read this book for a honest review. Tessa is a sixteen year old girl that lives with her mother, aunt Grace, Grandma and Grand aunt Danielle. She has the gift or the cursed that when she touches a boy, she can see her future with him, but the boy always dies at a young age. Tessa must choose a boy before she turns seventeen, the problem is that she cannot choose and condemn someone to an early grave. After an incident at school, Tessa and her family move to a nearby town, then she discovers the truth behind her family gift and meets a demon of chaos, who knows more about her family past than her own family. Will Tessa choose a boy and condemn him to a early death or will she remove her family curse once and for all? I literally couldn't put this book down I started one Friday night and finish it early evening on Saturday, I just loved how the author developed the characters within the story, the involment of each secondary character had a purpose within the story and the final ending. In other words I love this book, I would read it again just to remember the relationships that were formed. I loved MORIK, the way his character introduces himself to Tessa and then how you end up falling for his flaws and his virtues, he was not your typical knight in shining armor but someone who no matter what has your back. I like the friendship of Tessa with Beatriz, there were parts that made me laugh and cry because of those two. I truly love the ending of the story and I would love to read more about the romance between the characters and how they fall in love by spending time together and getting to know each other even though they were different in many aspects they both have a happy ending.
  • Vampire Origins - The Strigoi Book 1 - Project Ichorous on Nov. 13, 2013

    I would like to thank Never Too Old For Y.A. & N.A. Books and the author Riley Banks for allowing to read this book for a honest review. I would like to start with the cover of the book, it just does not appeal to me, but I tend to not judge a book by its cover. I honestly did not love it or hate it but I enjoyed the book very much, mostly the different point of views on which the story develops; it was very interesting to read what other characters thought or feel than just one person. My favorite characters were Caleb and Alex, but I like Alex more at the end, I just thought from the beginning that Alex was going to be the main male character then the more I read about Caleb and I tended to favor him best and later on I completely fell for Lachman but he ends up to be a major jerk so I like Alex the most even though I resent that I didn't read more about him until the end. Scarlet was very gullible and naive, I wished that she was stronger and a little smarter about who she hangs out with and who is foe and friend. Bear, the cat, O.M.G I just couldn't imagine that he was what he was. Tash, I did like her at the very end, her actions and commitment and then her sacrifice, seal the deal for me. I recommended this book to anyone who likes paranormal especially vampires, shapeshifters and even has witches, yeah witches, a little of everything but very entertaining. The cliffhanger will leave you wanting more, well it did for me and I can't wait to read the second book.
  • Carnelian on Jan. 21, 2014

    I would like to thank the group Never Too Old For Y.A. & N.A. Books and the author B. Kristin McMichael for allowing me to review this book for an honest review.. I really liked the characters in this book, especially Ty, he was my favorite of the bunch mostly because he was so funny and just have this charisma that just makes fall in love with him. Mari and Seth's love story was too much of a fairy tale to me, they fell in love too quick and even though Mari played hard to get, she decided to leave everything behind to follow Seth, even her mother and grandpa. Mari's attitude dissapointed me, she knew him for what over 3 months and she is deciding to leave everything behind, not just that she was cool with him being from the past. Anyways, I would love to read more about Mari and Seth's love story, just because they both were right for each other and it was lovely to read how he found her and how much love they felt for each other. I was sad to read about Ty's past, someone that has such a big heart, gorgeous smile and so easygoing should be allow to have a better life. I really want to read the next book, especially after the ending, such an epic finale, and not just that the sneek peek of the next book, just left me wanting more, so unfair....... Ooops, I almost excluded, gorgeous quite and reserved Dee, even though we got to see a litte bit of him, at the end of the book just left me with a lot of questions about him, he really caught my interest and I hope I hear/read more of him on the next book!!!!
  • Sunshine on Jan. 21, 2014

    I would like to thank Never too Old for Y.A and N.A and author Nikki Rae for allowing me to read this book for an honest review. This book was wonderful, excellent story, phenomenal characters, you could easily love them and hate them, it was a rollercoaster of emotions, the dark and tortureous past of dear and lovely Sophie made me cry, laugh, cry all over again and sigh, and sigh. Miles, I love you, and your gorgeous blue eyes, fangs and all. Sophie suffered a horrible past, just for being different and lacking the attention of her mother, she received her mother's direct anger and on top of that was molested and even rape. Poor Sophie, noone to tell exactly what happened to her, she is a tortured, lonely and hopeless soul, she thought and believed that she was damaged and worthless, I couldn't blame her for believing that and her only escape from all of that was cutting, inflicting pain to herself and pushing everyone out of her life out of fear. Fear and distrust led her life until she met Miles, dangerous and trushtworthy Miles. Oh Miles, dear Miles, so patient, so kind, so attentive, so generous, wow he is the right medicine to Sophie. I just couldn't simplify Miles in a few words because he was just the perfect boyfriend for anyone, really and he only had eyes for Sophie, he demonstrated Sophie that there was people that really care and love her, that she was everything to him. Miles taught Sophie to live again, to love life and to embrace herself. Ms Rae really got right Sophie's characteristics of a person suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I applaud you for this gorgeous and wonderful piece of art...
  • Sun Poisoned on Jan. 23, 2014

    OH MY!!!!! I love it!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A TEARJERKER!!! I ran out of tissues!, I need some Ice cream to recover!!! This time Sophie is in a different scenario than the last book, in a new city with her friends and Miles, but also surrounded with new characters and some of them even have fangs. Sophie is more condifent with herself, thanks to Miles's support and understanding, I can honestly say that she was lowering her walls down and letting Miles in, and that was just wonderful, expected and dreamed upon. I just fell in love with Miles all over again, but of course I couldn't get a tiny scoop of a bliss of happines, a little lick of contentment, or a bite of ecstasys, there was not a day in the beach for me again with snow and seagulls; no, I was sad, dissapointed and hurt because I suffered, cried, grieved the lost of a beloved character. I felt the pain that they felt, I cried my eyes out, my dreams were shattered, and I need a new box of Kleenex tissue with butterflies. And that is when I was reminded of how damaged Sophie was, still is. Poor Miles, his love might have not been enough to heal Sophie, he felt powerless, and I so wanted to comfort him. Oh my dear Miles.......You can mark me day, night, and everywhere!!!! There were some lies that came to the surface, and as always they come out with regret, sorrow and betrayal......Well, well, well!!! I just don't think the truths were revealed, probably Ms. Rae is intentionally playing with my emotions,or messing with my little Sherlock Holmes inside me and/or just killing me with suspense. Ms. Rae, I bow to you and your creativity, this book, piece of art, was EXCEPTIONALLY WELL DONE, FANTASTIC, ENJOYABLE, A TEARJERKER!, and Oh sweet Radiohead, and twisted music sheet, THAT ENDING. I cannot wait for the next book of this series. P.S. Ms. Rae; for next time, Sophie did reserve a Bitch Slap, Alex went too easy on her!!! and please more shirtless Miles!!!!
  • Soul Catcher (Soul Saga #1) on Feb. 06, 2014

    I am so in love with this book; the story was TERRIFIC!!!!!, FANTASTIC, VERY, VERY, VERY WELL DONE!!!!!!. I loved how the author developed the story with each page, as I turned page to page, I just couldn't put it down, Aleco and Accacia's story was just incredible, wonderful, very original. What I loved the most about their story is that even thought Accacia was the damsel in distress and Aleco, the savior, at the beginning, as they spent time together, eventually they became friends and after that lovers. Their love was not at first sight, well I might have to say that Aleco by covering his face all the time that would have to make it harder and even impossible; anyways their past was dark but Aleco's was darker, Accacia's past was just sad, and the abused that she suffered with Drake, Father Giloth's kindness, the destruction of a civilation, the sadistic and greedy ways of Drake and everything else mixed up together; it made the story worth of telling. Ms. Todd's fabulous narrative and descriptive writing style transported me to another surreal world with mercenaries, cruel characters, fantastic love story, powerful and magical stones and a little bit of mystery. Every single character was different from one another, and all the different P.O.V's and that cliffhanger made me wanting more. I cannot wait to read the next book!!!!!
  • Turning Curse on Aug. 06, 2014

    I would like to express my gratitude towards the group David Estes Fans and YA Books Lovers and the author A. C. Harrah for giving me the honor to read this book for an honest review! Ok, let's start with the confession that when I started this book I was like great another male point of view, why do I keep doing stuff like this, I would slap myself but I am so vain that I do not feel like hurting my skin and less my gorgeous face, what if I meet my frog prince, I mean my own prince Liam….Ok, it feels so good to let that out of my chest!! And I can openly said that I am so fortunate to read this, because it was just perfect, not Disney fairytale perfect, but this story was executed better than I originally thought, it had everything on it, romance, friendship, vengeance, violence, seduction, caring, cruelty, it was full of great twists and incredible narrative, I did not only got one centered perspective but many sides of the story, for a moment I felt like I was watching my favorite novela (Note: I am Hispanic and I am still into Novelas, you should look at my face when I am watching Univision, you'll get a good laugh out of my facial expressions), I couldn't just finish a chapter without wanting to read the next and the next, I barely got any sleep, not that I am complaining, no way, it was a challenge, I needed, craved and desired to read more about Liam and mostly because I wanted to see if he got what he surely was lacking off and oh my dear rana and castles and ponds and rings and horses and brothers and balls and jeez…… I couldn't get enough, I need rehab, a vacation, better a boat ride…. Or a trip or a well. Liam was just the jerk guy you meet at the bar, who does not give a …. You know what…. About what others think or expect of him, his honesty and bluntness got him into the slimy situation he put himself to, but I should said that it was not fair but I am glad it happened. Cordelia was, oh baby Jesus, an spoiled brat, who was very upset after rejection, but I admired her strength and very feminist side of her, I should applaud to her when she stood for herself against her parents, wow! And it takes guts to admit that you f-up…. And there is no way to fix it! Gabrielle, oh that poor child, I was so moved towards her and how the author introduced her to us, she became like a friend to me, and then I just loved her, I could have imagined her with Liam but then again Cordelia's feelings toward Liam gotten in the way…. Alan, awe, the misfit brother, the baby brother, who gets no kingdom, well I can relate to him a little bit, and I tried to sympathize with him but I thought of him more of a very jealous, invidious, and even ambitious pal than a compassionate one, well he kind of redeems himself and then I warmed towards him a tiny bit…. Riona, oh this girl seriously needed a good security guards a 24/7, for a moment I thought I was watching Jerry Springer….. I wanted to cut someone's testicles, for god sake's what a disturbed mind. Poor Riona! Anyways, the frog turns into hero, the witch finds redemption, the second son still has not what his heart desires, the king got his son back but there were a lot of untold, so now I get to speculate what is going to happen next…. Thank you for the read!!!