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I grew up in love with the stars. When I was a child living on a farm northwest of Clovis, New Mexico, the nights were dark and stars ruled the sky. Fighter jets from Cannon Air Force Base often flew over our land, sometimes breaking the sound barrier--a sound I still love: the sound of freedom.

My one passion as a child was to travel to the stars, which was my motivation for receiving Jesus as my Savior (I reasoned knowing God is the most certain route to the heavens above), but barring the Second Coming or death, the closest I could get was following space news (Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on my birthday, how cool is that?) and reading science fiction. I devoured science fiction, Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov, Herbert, Le Guin and Le Engle until in High School the newer science fiction lost its sense of wonder and became technical, plot driven and/or cold (Asimov--maybe a little cold, I admit).

The solution: write science fiction I want to read! One reason I began the "Over the Edge" series. My latest work, a stand alone romance, "Give Her the Stars" from the "Over the Edge" universe is available through most e-book sellers. A relaunched "Over the Edge 1" is coming soon.

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