Marina Latcko


I have always been fascinated with writers and books they so wonderfully produce. To become a writer myself had never crossed my mind, since all I wanted to do was to teach English, making it easier and more fun than textbooks and school curriculum. I believed my life mission was to develop a linguistic simulation video game, playing which anyone could acquire any foreign language.
But having difficulties in finding a trustworthy investor, I decided to put on hold giving away my ideas and this pending time steered my creativity into writing a novel - a total surpirse for me.
My other favorite activities include traveling and discovering the world, digging for more Secrets behind Reality, and making people think unconventionally. Ignorance, mass culture, and peer pressure are the things which I humbly hope to reduce with my work and life style.

I live with my new born baby, husband and cat in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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