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Mario has professionally cooked and bartended throughout his career.

While living in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2013 he completed a general culinary class which taught him basic Thai cooking, with popular recipes of that country.

He’s been cooking delicious food for 40 years and is more passionate than ever about great food and flavors.

In his first cookbook entitled "The Italian Cookbook of Famous Recipes" he published a combination of the most popular and delicious Italian-American recipes, loved by millions.

Mario not only shares fantastic recipes but he also provides easy to follow directions, so that all new chefs won’t get confused or discouraged while making them.

Mario grew up in New York and New Jersey right next to all of the great food and restaurants. He’s no stranger to quality Italian-American and Chinese food, which he claims that without a doubt is what the area is known for.

It also happens that he knows much about Thai food due to the many months he spent travelling throughout Thailand, which gave him the opportunity to practice his Thai cooking skills, with the help of his instructor.

Growing up, Mario ate lots of Pizza, probably too much. He claims that, "The guys from Italy can make Pizza like nobody's business, and nobody can keep up with them." Not only does Mario has some great recipes of delicious dishes he’s collected from restaurants he’s visited or places he’s traveled to.

His latest goal is to share all of that FOOD LOVE with the world by publishing the best recipes out there, in digital format, so that anyone with access to a computer or phone can immediately download them, and get hooked into this culinary goodness!

He’s created a new recipe club which is free for everyone to be a part of, which offers some cool stuff including free book alerts, secret ingredients and easy techniques to make great tasting food.

In the month of September in 2016 he launched a new cookbook called “Secret Ingredients” which reveals the secret ingredients to making his popular Italian red sauce and also his famous Asian Brown Sauce.
This cookbook is available at his website for download now.

So if you want to know the key to make perfect sauce every time check out his website now.
This secret ingredient he uses in tomato sauce is never really talked about in the culinary world when it comes to making homemade tomato sauce.

Mario’s currently working behind the scenes on new recipes and cookbooks ideas.

Here’s how to get a hold of him.

His Website Address:
His Free Recipe Club
His Email Address is:


Twitter: or @ChefMarioMazzo

Facebook: or Mario Mazzo Recipes

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Everything. Without them where would I be?
What are you working on next?
I have a few different projects actually on the back-burner. You can count on some great food to come soon. I'll just have to decide which will be first.
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