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  • Who Will Hug the Sun on Aug. 22, 2012

    The picture story eBook “Who will Hug the Sun” by Ey Wade is a great learning tool eBook -- to teach your child not only to read – but teaches a young child about the sun and the moon and how once a year a solar eclipse occurs -- it is written in a manner a child can understand -- and is a great learning story any child would love to hear their parents read to them -- and/or read themselves. Your child will be asking you when will the moon hug the sun next, and you will have to write in your calendar when it will be – so you can schedule to allow your child the experience of seeing a solar eclipse happen. Reminder -- when observing a solar eclipse – one should not look directly to it -- but be using special solar eclipse glasses -- be prepared for the next solar eclipse.
  • Not a Sound. Not a Peep on Sep. 04, 2012

    This is the perfect short story picture book for Moms and Dads who have young children who are afraid of the dark and have a hard time getting them to sleep -- If you loved the short rhyming stories when you were a kid -- then you and your child will love this rhyme story -- a story of how the bear and the fairy -- are "The Protectors" of young children who are frightened of being in the dark.
  • Between the Two of Them on Sep. 16, 2012

    I enjoyed reading “Between the Both of Them” to my young niece -- as well as Author Ey Wade’s other 2 children’s eBooks “Who will Hug the Sun and “Not a Sound, or a Peep.” More importantly -- my niece loved listening and pointing out the pictures and what they contained – all are teaching tool stories and excellent choices to read to a young child.
  • Ashes of Deceit on Nov. 28, 2012

    "Ashes of Deceit" -- an enjoyable to read vampire novel that is expertly written in an easy to read and follow style, and more importantly, a story that keeps your interest in what will happen next. From the details and description of the taste of vampire blood -- to the gulping and the slurping of human blood by a vampire -- to the vampires dying love, deception, disconnection, disgust, and disturbance, -- to the fear and jealousy by Jorick that another vampire will mark Katelina as his property -- to the titillating love affair between the two main Characters "Jorick and Katelina" -- their passionate love for each other have no boundaries and he will do anything to protect her - as she will to protect him -- I enjoyed reading all. Last, this book allowed my desires to surface from the depths within -- desires wanting to be marked and made into a Vampire's property -- thus, I am looking forward to reading this Author's next book -- so to refuel my imaginary love affair triangle with Jorick.