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Marisa Wright was born a Scot, but has regarded Australia as home for more than 20 years. She has travelled extensively across both countries as well as the rest of the British Isles, Europe and Africa.

Dance has been her passion since the age of three, when she saw a performance by the Royal Ballet and was instantly hooked! Though childhood illness meant a professional ballet career was an impossible dream, she has danced most of her adult life.

Writing was also an early interest – as a child, she produced several illustrated children’s books for the amusement of her little sister. Her first full-length novel was completed before she left school, but its failure to find a publisher discouraged her writing ambitions. Career and dancing took precedence for many years.

The advent of internet writing sites reignited Marisa’s love of writing. She now writes freelance and on HubPages, as well as working on a new novel and a book on flamenco. She still enjoys dancing – these days her hobby is belly dance, as well as ballroom and Latin with her second husband (which just goes to show there is life – and romance – after fifty!).

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
For my dance books and websites, the greatest joy is the ability to help others. I spend a fair bit of time on dance and writing forums, too, because I've received so much generous support from other dancers and writers myself - I think it's only fair to "pay it forward".

For my fiction work, it's the ability to transport myself to other places and other personalities. For me, it's very much like acting. I never sit down and analyse characters, plotting their strengths and weaknesses and motivations as some authors do. Instead, I become the character I'm writing about, and it's my own feelings while I'm "in character" that tell me what that person will do next, or how they'll react.
Describe your desk
I have an old steam-driven desktop perched on a picnic table! The nicest part of my desk is where it sits - looking out over my white picket fence to the tree outside my window, which attracts kookaburras, doves, honeyeaters and parrots with its shade and nectar.
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