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Smashwords book reviews by MarkGreenS

  • Man of Clay on Nov. 01, 2015

    The author presents quite an interesting situation that leaves the reader thinking and trying to come up with answers as of to what would oneself do in a similar situation, which makes not only the story but also the thought process of reading this novel a very engaging one. Definitely a thought-provoking book, Connie’s “adventures” are unique and revealed with elegance in writing… thus making me find the plot and rhythm of fantastic quality. Two pillars that are delivered not only professionally but in a excellent manner. Characters are developed and with strong and clear personalities, allowing the reader to vividly imagine each one of them; combine this with the written above and you can guess my opinion towards Victoria Osborne’s writing ability. Not wanting to spoil the whole story, I’ll share concrete details for anyone to have a good idea of what the story is about. The main character, Connie, is absolutely in love with her ex-husband, which she ended up divorcing due to the guilt felt by her for not being able to give him another child. The husband, Jude, marries more than one woman throughout the novel and it all follows a situation where Jude’s women are living together with all the kids that have been born from these marriages. This seems to work until there appears to be a new woman in Jude’s life, which creates a series of events and circumstances that are the core of the novel. In summation, the engaging characters and very well executed rhythm and style of the book makes it a great reading experience. Connie is keen on using analogies to describe her life which also adds a very nice and unique touch. It is a first-person and well-written novel that brings forth raw emotion that turns into new and fresh perspectives. If you like innovation and mind opening novels, you’ll definitely enjoy this one… just as I did.