Mark W. Bonnett


"No-one would have believed, around 1981-ish or thereabouts, that War Of The Worlds would have such a profound effect on a growing lad."

Mark W. Bonnett is an author of science fiction and fantasy. Having written since he was a wee nipper, he has now embarked on his newest project, the Cynos Union series, a project that's both a love letter to, and a reimagining of, the space opera stories in which he absorbed himself while growing up.

Mark's always said that if not for reading H.G. Wells' classic tale, he might not have become so obsessed with science fiction. Maybe it was fate (even though he doesn't believe in fate) or maybe it was destiny (except he doesn't believe in that, either), but that one day, that one movie, shaped the rest of Mark's life. Throughout school and throughout university, Mark always kept on coming back to the genre that had its hooks in his very soul.

And throughout that whole time, Mark knew he wanted to write. He wanted to tell stories, to reach into people's heads, and let them experience the vastness and wonder of the universe in the same way that he experiences it.

Armed only with a media degree and a keyboard that he's convinced is becoming self-aware, and bunkered down in his custom extragalactic invasion shelter in the wilds of Lincolnshire, his mission is to bring you all along into his huge, weird, and often twisted universe, for a ride you'll never forget.

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