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Martha Marks earned her Ph.D. in Spanish literature and linguistics at Northwestern University and subsequently served on the faculties of Northwestern University and Kalamazoo College. She co-authored three college Spanish textbooks, all published by McGraw-Hill: Destinos, Al corriente, and ¿Qué tal? She enjoyed studying and teaching the novels, plays, and poetry of great Spanish and Latin American authors, and she believes that Rubies of the Viper is a better novel because of her in-depth exposure to their work.

Since retiring from academia, Martha has become an accomplished wildlife photographer and an enthusiastic member of the growing “indie” author movement. Martha and other indie authors use today’s liberating new technologies—e-books and Print on Demand—to maintain full creative and quality control over their work. Like all authors, they rely on reviews, word of mouth, and the Internet to promote their work.

Please visit to view Martha’s high-quality wildlife imagery and learn more about "Martha's Art: Fiction and Photography". Anyone who has enjoyed reading Rubies of the Viper and would like to send a free PDF sample to friends will find it there, too.

Martha lives with her artist husband, Bernard, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rubies of the Viper is her first novel.

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  • Once More, From the Beginning on Jan. 15, 2011

    How funny! I laughed out loud on many occasions, chuckled throughout, and absolutely loved this book. The juiciest parts to me were the almost-realistic dialogues between a host of Biblical types who had seemed like colorless stick-figures before, such as Sarah and Abraham, Jacob and Esau, Judah and Tamar, Joseph and Potiphar's wife, Moses and the Pharaoh, and an additional cast of thousands. I laughed my head off at the Sodom-and-Gomorrah episode, the Coat-of-Many-Colors episode, the Moses-on-the-Mountain episode, and so on. Now my husband is chuckling and laughing his way through "Once More", too. I think he especially appreciates the author's wry comments about women. Wendy Bertsch has a wicked sense of humor. This is a tongue-in-cheek book that you'll enjoy the first time and many times again after that. A fun, delightful read!