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  • Open Shading Language for Blender on Nov. 01, 2013

    This book is a good introduction to OpenGL in Blender. The layout is excellent, the author has been very careful to make the code examples and diagrams {very necessary for showing Blender node networks} as clear and concise as possible. The style is also effortless to read. Everything necessary is explained without information overload, and without skipping any necessary detail. References lead to more details on different sites. Including the authors blog which is an excellent Blender resource too. The content is good. The first chapters deal with programming concepts. I am a programmer so this was a quick skim read for me; but I think the examples are sufficient to start even if you know nothing. Then the main content of the book is on creating shaders in OpenGL. Each chapter highlights a feature of OpenGL and generally creates a procedural texture type of material. The book is quite short. Formatted for my 7" tablet it is about 100 pages. There is no contents list or index. I was disappointed there were no chapters that dealt with the behavior of light, reflection and refraction etc.,. Even though there are existing shaders available for these it would have been very useful to know how to create shaders that change the light path.