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Smashwords book reviews by Martine Celestin

  • Bonded on Sep. 06, 2012

    This was my favorite one, The Damian side story worked so well with the main story. Please tell me there is another one to come....
  • The Wolf's Mate Book 4: Michael & Shyne on Oct. 23, 2012

    This series has kept me on my toes I can't wait to see what happens to Bo & Rieka. It seems like it is going to be a wild ride. Bo needs his own Coffee with Cream
  • Gringa - Taming the Beast on Jan. 16, 2013

    Really wild ride of love conquering all!
  • Someone To Believe In on Feb. 07, 2013

    Great Story the ups and downs....Loved that he broke through and was just patient.
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue on Feb. 20, 2013
    (no rating)
    You did it again. I was hooked from the start I love the melding of past series books but the new adventure as well. Ssad it has to be another year before book.
  • Betrayed: Days of the Rogue on March 02, 2013

    Something in Nicky Charles water... Because it's another winner. Great job and it's sad to have to wait a year...but I know it will be well worth the wait
  • Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 1) on April 09, 2013

    K at first thought it was going to be this insecure annoying heroine but it came around near the end. I'm excited for the.2nd book and hopes she becomes a smarter heroine
  • Close Obsession (The Krinar Chronicles: Volume 2) on May 27, 2013

    Love and love this book! Cant wait for the third book
  • Lady Bess on July 13, 2013

    Another good book from Miss Conn.
  • Sword of the Gods: The Chosen One on July 16, 2013

    This book was a random pick for a book but now has made me a stalker of when she will come out with the next one. She takes you through the eyes of all the characters in such detail that you cheer, get pissed or want nothing but the them to get their cake and eat it too. She-Who-Is always gives you a choice but know you are in the end god of your own path. Nice beginning and the second one is even better!
  • Lynna's Rogue (A Prequel: Curse of the Conjure Woman) on Sep. 27, 2013

    She went from sheltered bunny to a vixen. It was good