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  • Just Breathe on July 17, 2015

    It's a whole new world and view on witches and the supernatural. I really enjoyed that we get to learn about the world with the main character, as the story develops and she learns about what she can do we also learn about her and the world she's in. The excitement and curiosity builds up and Sarah's got us on the edge wanting to know more. The characters are well built and you just crave to know more about their stories. Just Breathe got easily on my favs list.
  • Focus on Oct. 09, 2015

    Following up on Aisling quest of conquering herself and her new found abilities together with her fiance and loyal friends, Focus starts very dark. From start to end you go through everything with her, feeling her fears and sharing her hope. It's an impossible to drop down book till the end. It flows with excitement, action, drama and romance. If you've read Just Breathe, you'll hold your breath and devour it all in one sitting as you find out more about this very interesting world Sarah has created.
  • Home on Jan. 11, 2017

    On Home the focus shift a little to Angela Williams, Aisling best friend, neutral and Guardian of Information. The story is from her point of view and starts just where Focus left off. Angela is organized, careful and always in control of herself. She's a strong woman that had to stand on her own since very young. As you see the world through her eyes you'll also notice things are starting to get out of control and she can't understand what's going on. You're in for another journey through the fantastic world Sarah created, feeling, experiencing and knowing things together with Angela while she runs against time to find what's happening with her and with the Spirit Realm she was thrown in. Oh and if you love Bugs, you will love him more.
  • Dream Spell on Jan. 11, 2017

    Even though she had the life she always dreamed of, something wasn't right and she could feel it. Follow April as she is pulled into a dream spell and starts to reconsider everything that has happened in her life so far. In this Earthen Witch World Short you will take a look at some of the other people living in this fantastic world created by Sarah. It isn't direct linked to the Novels but has every bit of the excitement and action that we've come to love.