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  • The Fey on May 02, 2012

    This book was just OK, in my opinion. It is very difficult to read at first with the introduction of all the characters and far too much dialogue. I'm no writer, but when I read I like to picture the setting and the characters as they interact. You don't get much of that at all. I chose to read this book only because it was free, and it really didn't hold my attention. The author does tell a story, and the character of Alexandra Hargreaves (The Fey) seems interesting. There are times when I really enjoyed the direction and a few of the twists. I just couldn't get over the writing style, poor editing, and lack of descriptive setting. It was like listening to a radio program of people talking. You have to read and read just to understand what they are saying, and then what they are saying doesn't seem all that interesting!