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  • Hidden Depths on Oct. 23, 2011

    The name of Emma Holly must ring a bell to every romance lovers and for me I met Emma Holly with her Victorian historical (MF), Beyond Innocence. I must admit that I lost track of Emma Holly but it came back when I remembered she published Ménage which is still in my to-do read. So my mind was set on this Victorian romance I read a long time ago and I remembered that her sex scenes were hot and her writing easy to read. When I read the excerpt of Hidden Depths and saw it was a ménage MMMF, I was surprised that she was not a mainstream author as I thought but an erotica author and got very intrigued to read her. The story itself is not very credible I must say but hey! this is a paranormal story so of course it has some parts that cannot be. However, the story is very easy to read and I never wanted to skip pages whatsoever. So we have two humans, Olivia and James, very much in love at 40, which is already strange but possible and we have on the other side one were-seal and one were-otari, Anso and Ty, which is also very strange in a good way because so far the only were-seal I read was in Laurel K. Hamilton in her Merry Gentry series. Kudos for Emma Holly for creating new weres! ;) I will not resume the story. It would spoiled everything. However, I will suggest that to keep a mind right opened because credibility is not really in this story. I thought that the acceptance of this new world was way too quick for me. I would have loved more development, more tension maybe. We also have a plot in the background but very predictable. Here also, I would have preferred to be kept on my toes. This ménage is about three bisexual guys and one woman. All three are virgins one way or another. Again I will not explain in details. In a way it is a true foursome in romance because they all fall in love with each other but we never read a true foursome sex scenes: they are all in the same bed but it is either a MM, a MF even a MMF with one looking. I was a bit surprised at that because Emma Holly is sure not shy to describe the MM sex scenes so why not a dual penetration and a BJ at the same time? I am not sure. But you will not read sex scenes very detailed. It is still hot but not steamy with much details. Another point that has nothing to do with the story but bothered me. Instead of having a 298 pages, excluding the two very long excerpt at the end, the story is only 255 pages. 43 pages of excerpt is way too much in my opinion. The cover is nice but does not reflect the story at all besides seeing a nice torso in front of the sea. We have no idea if it is paranormal, we have no idea it is a menage, we have no idea that the majority of the story is under sea with magical beings. Overall, I liked this story very much. I spent a good time reading it. I could have rated it 3.5 because the plot was not strong enough but since I thought it was a very original paranormal were story and well written, this book definitely deserve a 4. I was open minded and was not expecting a thriller or anything. I thought that Emma Holly has a very easy way to describe her world. The male characters are very endearing. I enjoy my time reading this story and will sure check her other MMF stories because if you check her blog, you'll be maybe as surprised as myself how many she wrote! Mary's Naughty Whispers