Mary Rodman


Mary resides in Radnor, Ohio with her husband, Jim. Together they enjoy farm life, hard work, vacations, family and friends. She is a farm girl who discovered her niche as a Christian author and speaker. Mary loves sharing about the Lord through both her written and spoken words. Mary’s life is an open book as she shares her joys, struggles and embarrassing moments.

As a Christian author and speaker, Mary’s objective is to point you toward Jesus. Her words are simple, and her examples are relatable, but when Jesus touches your heart it is amazing. When you follow Him wholeheartedly, and align your dreams with God's will, the outcome is life altering.

The first goal of Mary’s ministry is to offer you encouragement and inspiration. She is a "seed planter." The person who sees a glimmer of hope in the small day-to-day routines of life. Therefore, the key verse for her ministry is: “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” (Romans 1:12).

Once the seed of hope is planted in your heart, Mary motivates you to stay in God's Word to seek wisdom, and learn more about Jesus' amazing grace. “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking." (James 1:5).

Mary’s prayer is that you have a personal relationship with our Redeemer, because when you Bloom with Jesus, you become a child of God who is cultivated for your beauty. This beauty does not happen overnight, it is a gradual change within your soul, because of your relationship with Jesus.

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Big Texas Journey: Big Blessings Revealed by an Irrepressible God Through Adversity
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In order for a flower to bloom, it must first grow. The flower produces a seed or a bulb, and the cycle continues. As a Christian, we have a continuous cycle as well. We bloom and grow. The buds, the blooms and the dying flowers. They are each symbols of our walk with Christ. God will transform you from a bud or dying flower, into a beautiful bloom when you bask in His promises daily. Read Mary...
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Bloom Where You're Planted: Daily Devotions to Enlighten and Brighten Your Relationship with Christ
Mary's unique style of writing intertwines daily situations with biblical stories to deepen your relationship with God. She inspires you to look past the chaos and the commonplace routines in your life and experience Christ's presence around you. Through laughter, memories, and even sorrow, Mary helps you see the Bright Morning Star, named Jesus. Discover her humor in the devotional, Bird Poop...
Live Life in Full Bloom: Devotions to Transform Your Ordinary Path from the Mundane and the Mayhem into Extraordinary Living with Jesus
Bloom: A flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty. God calls us to be a beautiful flower in the mundane and the mayhem of life. Mary challenges you to look past the tragedies in your life, your humdrum routines and your daily chaos to see Christ. These devotions point to His presence in every part of our lives, when we simply take the time to notice. On a scale of 1-10: 1 your soul is...