Mary Schramski


Mary Schramski became a writer at age 10 when she wrote her first short story. From that time forward she knew her life would be filled with writing. After graduating, she began teaching English and her interest in creativity grew as she observed her students were happiest when she promoted freedom to create. "I wanted to make my courses a haven for my students. I developed many methods to enhance their creativity, and as I did this, I realized I was happier when I created, too." Mary then wrote eleven published novels for major publishers, such as, WHAT TO KEEP, THE LIGHTHOUSE, FALLING OUT OF BED. She has also self-published THE BEST PLACE TO BE. While working on her Doctorate she focused on Creativity. Now, she teaches creative writing, creativity workshops-from her workbook written with Jennifer Archer. "We connect creativity with joy and happiness and help participants realize creativity is a joyful way of life. I always say at my workshops, 'Welcome to a new world, the world of happy creativity.'

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