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Published March 31, 2019.

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  • The King's Men on Dec. 03, 2014

    I haven't been this excited for a book in a long while and now that the wait is finally over, I stayed up all night to finish it in one sitting. Neil Josten has to suffer through a lot in this last installment. I even feared for my happy ending a few times. And why wouldn't he? He has no place for self preservation when he is convinced that his days are numbered anyway. He decides to martyr himself for his teammates, the people he chose as his new family, instead. Even though Neil has to contend with crime bosses, the FBI and much more of his gruesome past than I could stomach, the book never strays too far from the Foxhole court and Exy and the games are as thrilling as ever. Thankfully everything gets resolved eventually, but no one comes out without a bruise or two at the other end. Surprisingly, the book shines in the most unexpected corner, and that is the slowly developing relationship between Neil and Andrew. After the subtlety and the implied attraction of the previous books, and after everything these characters have been through, every touch between them is immensely satisfying. Andrew gets a bit sidelined during the action scenes in the middle part, and after wondering what he could possibly have up his sleeve after promising Neil that he could protect him, the answer is, 'not much'. Not for lack of trying though and he makes up for that with so much unexpected (and I guess unwitting) emotional support, that I am still squealing hours after finishing the story. My only critique would be that the book is too short, not just because I am greedy and insatiable when it comes to Ms. Sakavic's writing, but I was missing more insight into the parts of the story happening 'off screen' sometimes. But these are details at best. All in all an incredibly satisfying read and an unreserved recommendation from me. I feel a bit lost and disoriented now that the Fox's story has come to a conclusion, but I am glad that I picked these books up in the first place. Don't forget to check out the numerous side stories on the author's blog!