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  • Defiled by the Savages on March 28, 2013

    5 Stars, Outstanding & Excellent Just like all of Her Book,s this is no exception, The Torment that Neil and His Wife Pam go through for the Entetainment f the Chief and the those in the Village, is exactly what I would expect from This GREAT Author, I have read other stories by her and the is constantly a 5 Starr Author, if you love BDSM, Humiliation see Young White Wives, used for Entertainment and thier Hubands being forced ot not olny witness it but abused himself, YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK, everyting i detail that a GREAT BDSM Story should have, by an Author who know realy how to Write, they do not come any beter then this one
  • Female Spy Tortured on March 28, 2013

    Another 5 Starr Gem What I particlary liked where all the Toture Methos used on her Despit her resolve thing back to her traing one would not think that what happenend to her would be Part of Her Survial Training & The Fsact she was taken in Broad day light added to the suspense, Sound and LIght Deprivation, Small Cell knowing that she would have to give eventualy made al thee EXreme Torues Grea, Forcing her to keep her Legs and Arms up, Making her stand at Attention for hours on end, then finly for impregnation even if it wasn't a real baby it was Increanly Erotic, If you love to see Woem nUsed and Abused and more so when they are Young Females in the Military this book is a must to adny collection
  • African Revenge on March 29, 2013

    If you LOve Cockhold Stories, White Families Used and Abused by Big Brawy Afirans, I foyu Love the Froced impregation and forced Carry Full Term by Women and Women, being Forceably Impreganted while thier Husband are forced to watch and being told you must carry the Baby Full Term and aise Him or Her as your old Child Then this Story Is the Best Of The Best, very simlar to Tortured Woan Marine, Same Genere If I could rate thisstory hiher then 5 I would it is a sid 15-20 an absolue Must if you love the Geners listed by the book title
  • Zamondan Customs Nightmare on April 09, 2013

    I have been reading Eotica for well over 40 years, I have read countless Authors, some good, some not so good, The one realy consistant fact about this author is SHE is constantly writing GREAT Books, Some SciFi other Cockhold, other Fored Impregnation, but the one consitant factor with this author is ALL her storied are a Hot as can be, if it was possible to rate her stories higher then 5 Stars I would I can always depend on her story or stoires, to hold me attention, fulfil my Fetishes and I realy enjoyed the Shame and Huniiation this coplur went through at the hands of thier captors, and to finsh it with realizng she was pregnant only added to the Erotcism of the story If you enjoy, Humiliation, Cockholdinf, Forced Impregantion among other Generes this author is an absolute must for aNY reading that enjoys Erotica Even when a story is short, they remain constistanly GREAT The author is always capabel of taking a short story and adding every element into it that can be added, the Genere, the Detail the story line
  • Cuckold Punishment Camp on April 17, 2013
    (no rating)
    This Author, is the ONLY Auhtor I have read in over 35 years of Reading Erotic Stories who Continouos has 5 Starr Books, Every BDSM Elemebnt is in her books, Bondage, Humliation, most also have Cockhold, different stories lines, not carried from 1 story to the next but entirely different subject in each story I have never read any author or seen any Author will the Ability, to keep their REading so into they story, they need to wread it at 1 time, and Re REad it, every aspect I Except n this type of story is always presnt here and well as their other Books Some do not have Forced Impregnation, but the detail she put into all her books to me is 2nd to none
  • Cuckold Punishment Camp on April 17, 2013

    Nobody does stories on a Consistantbasis like this author, with every book, in different locations with different Charactors she is able to keep therading engrossedin the story plus make them want to go back and read it more then 1 time The Uniqueness of this Author is to use the same general Genere in all her stories, but never epeat and use different Charactors, location and ven when you think you have read this before or someting like it before as you read it, thedetailed of the story you realize "No, I have never ead it before" thisi s very hard to do, but this Author is the most talen in the Genereo f her books of any author I have read in over 35 years of reading Ereotic Novels, I can never ger enough
  • Tally Man's Punishment on April 18, 2013

    Although the story is a bit shorter then her others, it is stil a 5 Starr read, The detail she uses , the Charactors are bbelieable and even n this one she always makes sure when she uses Language of the time and Location she excplain what thos word or that word means Very much worth the read even if it is a short book it is 5 Stars like all her others
  • Bitch on April 20, 2013

    I have been reading Erotic Books for over 30 years. One thing I always look for in any book or story I read is the Story line, is it a book that fslls intoym interets, my Gere for taste, which tends to be MDale, Humiliation, Blackmail, Forced Impregnation etc Anothwe KEY elemnt to stories ?I read is Beleiablitiy, is the story, believable, it is REalsitc in Naute I realize all stories or books of this Genere are Fantansy, but 1 issue I had with this story, was I asked mysaelf, it is believable, could a Nieghbor, be he an Ass Hole or not get away with what he was going to do with the Mother and Daugher, and I realized after eading th stor,y altho it was outstanding to read, I had a hard time belieivng it, simply becasue once the action statred anf The neighbor made his intention clear to both Mom and Daughter, ony only thought was "For him to get away with what he was guing t do over a perios of time, he either had t have INCREABLY Ingnmorant Neighbors ecept Mom and Daughter OR the lovcation had to be remorte enough that nobody would ever know what was going on almosyt like a Rural Farm Community. I do applaud the author for a GREAT story line, the detail to the Impregnaion what he palnned to do to teach Mom and her Daughter a lession for what her daughter did, I had a real hard time beleivinf it was going on because you do not know what the location is, is it in Subura is is in some real remote location in a FArm or Rural Area Aside from that I would and do reccomendthis to ANYONE Whole in detail, like to see a Mother Humilaited, Blackmaile,d Impregnated and forced to make her daughter do thgings she does not wantto make her daughter do. I could not decide whether to go with 3 Strs a or 4 but decide to go with 4 becasue of the detail in the story and the length of the story, to me the longer it is the more detailed it is And I love LOng Detailed Stories
  • The Coach's Slaves on April 29, 2013

    What can you say about an Author Who more Consistanly then ANYONE always write books, with a GREAT Them, Great Flow, same gneral theme as other BUT doesthem in such as way you never feel like you have read someting like this before The STory has every element I want in a Story, Humliation, Blackmail, Male Dom, all the elemsnt by a CREAT Author that keep you rivited to the story, so much more you wantto go back a re read it only to find the 2nd or 3rd time through you picked up someting new you did not read the 1st 2 or 3 times Never read anyAuthorwho writes like she does and can keep thereader attention the whole story, with slow build up, GREAT detail and story line, very few authorscan ESPECALY IN Erotic Writing thisisa solid 5 Starr book a MUST
  • Retribution on May 13, 2013

    The bBook has all the elements I look for in 1 story, and although I mau have differentTastes in Story line, Genere The story it self was well writren I have been reding Erotica for over 20 years and Tend to be more critical the some readers, but I also review bssed on my tastes in the stroy does the story Hold my interest, did it Flow Well, was it the story line as well as the Characters believeable ot was it so far fetched that even as Fiction it is not believe for countless reason. In the case of this book, it had al the elements I look for in any story and is on Par with most of my Favorite Autohrs, it is well worstthe time it takes ot read it and I recommend it
  • Taken by the Taliban on Sep. 23, 2013

    I have been reading Stories by this Author for Years, and again inthis casetje story is OUTSTANDING What I love about her wrtinigs, is she NEVER repeats a storyline, and makes the story not only Erotic, but written is a very flowing manner, one part leads right nito the next part with all Parts connnectingi together att he end She has NEVER failed to live nup to the story line in each Book and what she put Kelly through was believeable, reading it makes you feel this wasa true life story and what happenend to her and how it enede If you enjoy like I do stories about Female Humiliation, Torture, in some Case even Forced Impregnation etx you will love this story as much as I did. The other aspect I love about the Author is some of her other writings are nSci-Fi they all fall into different Geners so you never get tired of reading her works. This is ANOTHER Must have for your Library
  • African Impregnation on Oct. 27, 2013

    I have been reading Adult Novels for Years and ARE Very selective with not only the Story I read but as well as who the Author Is Leslie NEVER disappoints, all the then Stories by her I have read have the same Genre I love Forced Impregnation Stories, I have yet to read ANY story by this Author that was NOT a 5 Star story The author keeps you Rivated to the story, and just when you think the story is coming to an end, it continues, more intensely the it began, this story is NO Exception, I love all the aspects of ti, the Degradation, Humiliation and Abuse the both Mom and Daughter are subject to, what their Husband Father is forced to watch and Participate in know what will happen if he refuses If you Love Forced Impregnation, Humiliation, Torture,. etc and Love to see White Women used and abused by African Americans, for their Fun, Bred for their Enjoyment know the Captives must obey and do as told This is a MUST read Not one weak Chapter, or line in the whole story She is without a doubt the BEST Author for these type stories I have ever read and knows how to keep the reader interested in the story, the details she uses are outstanding and she describes what is happening in the story keep you waiting needing to read more, and after you finish the story you Immediately want more and even though a lot of her stories follow the same general them, they NEVER repeat, you never read anything bye here that is the same Genre and say to yourself "Wait, I have read something like this by this Author before" that's does not happen EVERY story even with the Theme the same is different in context the story line itself is different This is an ABSOLUTE MUST BUY (reviewed within a month of purchase) Even her short stories are done this way
  • Woman Marine Harassed on Oct. 27, 2013

    AS with ALL the Authors books, whether they are Long or Short, she is ALWAYS writing in a way that keeps the Reader Engaged through out out the WHOLE story This story is no exception, she is the only writer I have read who is a Constant 5 Stars which are RICHLY EARNED & DESERVED
  • Impregnated by Blacks on Oct. 29, 2013

    Every time I read one of her Books, I always say to myself, "This is Incredible, she has outdone herself yet again" And when she does her next Book, I am Amazed that she was able to raise Her Bar Yet again, she keeps outdoing herself What I loved about this story was not only the Plot, but the detail, not one detail was missing, nothing was left out to make it "Shorter" easier to read, as I read it the detail and the action got more intense, far more detailed and just as you think you are at the end of it, you aren't the Intenseness, detail, action continue on in way that it is not only Erotic but it never repeats itself and you don't say to yourself, "Here we go again, same scene different Players, but with her that is not the case, all stories, all players in the story are different so even if the story is some what similar to what you have read before it isn't Same idea, but different situations, plot ideas and action I have never seen any one author who is always outdoing herself from one story to the next, you NEVER get bored reading her works and although the "Ideas" of the story may appear to be the same they aren't, the same elements may be there but the story itself is different This is a MUST ad to your Library, if you Love Forced Black Breeding or Just Forced Impregnation, Cockhold stories, Humiliation, Shame, Degradation
  • Captives of the Black Pirate on Nov. 03, 2013

    I found this book to be AMAZING, the idea. them of Pirate taking 2 Women captive, a Mother and her Daughter held captive, Used, Abused, Tormented, Tortured and enjoyed by the Crew of the Ship INCREDABLY HOT, and one aspect of the story I loved was the gradual build up, the emotions the ladies expressed in the story, the flow of the story and it is one of those stories that as you read it, you forget about the era it took place, the 1700's, you are so focused on the story itself that it reads and flows like a Modern Day story, Modern Day Theme How the Mother tried to explain to her young daughter what might happen, what did happy to ease the young daughters fear and have both of the accept the fact that they had NO control over what would be come of them, how the Pirates would use them and abuse them Again, if you Love stories about Females being used as Toys, Raped, Humiliated, Forced Impregnated, being forced to carry the baby full term and see what happens to them after their Ordeal is over, you MUST get this book, it not only is a GREAT Read but a great adventure, the story flow is superb, the detail is amazing, the fears the women show are real and make you feel like you are there with them and not just reading a story This Author always sets the Bar High and everything I read by her is better then the last and just when I think she can't set the bar any higher she does, you will NEVER be let down by this story or ANY STORY by this Author, never read anyone who remain as consistent in each different story as she does A MUST HAVE FOR ANY LIBRARY The only thing I regretted about the book is that it could not berated higher then 5 Stars
  • African Revenge 2 on Nov. 03, 2013

    I have been reading Erotica for more years then I plan to admit, and I have NEVER read any Story which is a Sequel to the Original, the Author wrote African Revenge, and what is so Amazing with is book it is pickup up exactly where part 1 ended, yes the characters names were changed, but the basic location is the same, it is like a continuation of Part 1 or by title African Revenge, but most "Sequels" tend to follow in a different manner, this one is a direct lead in where the other story ends so you do not miss anything, like a continuing novel, so when you Read African Revenge, the read this story, you will see clearly from the start it picks up right where the other ended, again the Charactors in this book are different from the 1st BUT the Location and Theme are the same as part 1, so you do not loose interest, you want to know what happens this time around and some of the elements of this story are enough to not only keep you ready, but your mind goes back to the 1st book and you see how it leads into this one, this is one of the best if not the best Sequel to an Erotic Novel I have ever read, the Author always sets high standards for how she writes again se has set the bar HIGH on this but meet her high standard of Erotica, quality writing hand it keep your attention through whole story Again, this ia an Absolute MUST HAVE BOOK especially if you read African Revenge the only thing missing is a 10 star rating instead f the Max 5 Stars
  • Tortured by the Apaches on Nov. 17, 2013

    A Solid 5 Star you can't miss, WOW, this Author NEVER fails to deliver, you can take any time in History, any setting, and People she uses in her stories and she NEVER lets her reader down The detail in this story is Amazing and what I really enjoyed was the slow build up, the lead it, it keeps you reading, you never know what Gail will be subject to by the Apaches, whether it is Torture, Humiliation, the details of each act are so Precise and so well written that you forget the time frame on the story In all the years I of have been reading Erotica, I have never read ANY Author who is so Constant it keeping her stories not only enjoyable but making you want more from for her in another story This is also the only Author I have read where YOU NEED TO READ AND BUY ALL THE STORIES se has done not just selected one but her whole Library, she never lets her readers down from one story to the Next And I am sure the Old Wild West was NEVER like it was in this story, but I prefer the Old Wild West and the Apaches in THIS story over what the Real Wild West may have been like Make sure you read ALL her stories you will NOT be disappointed
  • Trail of Torment on Jan. 04, 2014

    Every time I read one of her stories, I think there is no way she can out do herself again, BUT SHE HAS In all the years I have been reading Erotica, one sticking point for me has always been the time frame, what time was the story taking place in, I have issues with stories that are not current day and time and not a big fan of stories from the 1800's etc But with this Author only, even if the story takes place in the 1700's or even 1800's once I get past the 1st or second paragraph I loose track of the time of the story, the storyi s so well done you focus on the incredible detail she suses in every scene ever chapter What happens with Orville and his wife, are incredible, BUT the detail used to describe the Torture, Humiliation, abuse of the 2 captives keeps you focused n the story and not time time or place, she is the most constant author I have read in my 40 years [plus reading Erotica, the way she writes the stories, the flow, the storyline it self, how she makes the story work from one chapter to the next If you love Forced Impregnation, Torture to some degree, Humiliation, Abuse etc THIS IS A MUST READ and have for your library, I have NEVER read any author like her and she is the only author that I look forward to see new books by her. This again like her other is a MUST have for any collection,
  • Your Rent is Overdue! on March 30, 2014

    This Author is AMAZING, every time I read a book by her I think she can't raise the Bar any higher, yet she always does You need to see what happens to Jeff and his Wife Heidi , the Boss John and his Assistant Helen and John's friends What I loved about the story and what made it very different then her others to me, is that she took the story and actually made 2 separate story lines in it, the 1st being Jeff, Heidi and John, her boss, then adds in the other story line with Jeff and Helen and adds in Merle and his friend making it almost 3 stories in 1 book If you love Cock holding , Forced Impregnation, Humiliation, and everything that come with those elements, THIS IS A MUST for your library, especially with 3 different situations with different people written into 1 book, it is like reading 3 different stories at 1 time. This Author NEVER lets you down and has never let her readers down, she keeps raising the bar and always succeeds when she does this. The book is 5 Stars Plus
  • Couple's BDSM Story on June 21, 2014

    The Author has Raised the Bar yet again and no matter how High she raises it SHE ALWAYS is able to go Higher The Trial and Tribulation of Emily and Elliot, was outstanding Between The "Prison Camp" and all the Humiliation, Torture, CBT they were both subject to the story as are all of this Authors stories outstanding She always goes into great detail how her Subjects are subjected to Cockholding, Humiliation, Torture, CBT, and never misses a beat and is always able to go from one chapter to the next but is able to combine them so even if 1 chapter deals with just 1 character and their Torture or Humiliation you always remember what is going on in the story and the previous chapter. In all the years I have been reading Erotica, I have never seen any author who not only raises the bar with each of their stories but is always able to keep raising it with each new story If you love Forced Impregnation, Torture, Humiliation, CBT, Cockholding and all the elements that make a story great This is a MUST add to your Library and one thing I love about this author is, you can read and of her books, and then go back to it a week later month later and ALWAYS pick up something new you did not the 1st read. You will never get tired of this story or any others she has written no matter how many times you read and reread this story or any of her other works A MUST add to any Library
  • The Questioning on Sep. 22, 2014

    Have You ever Read a Story or Watch a Movie that was SO Good and well written you felt like you were there in Person and not just Reading the Book or Watching the Movies? Such is the Case wit this book, the Author Draws you in from the beginning and with the detail she uses to Describe all the Indignations that Maribel goes through, you feel like you are there and need to take take Part in the Humiliation, Torture and Degradation and are even given the chance to Participate, you have this intense need to be part of the story and just just read it The use of the Needles, The Cattle Prod, being Humiliated in front of Your Father knowing neither Him nor Yourself can do anything about it make it more intense This Author is constantly writing above and beyond other Authors, no matter how high she sets the Bar, her next story always exceed the previous book If you Love, Humiliation,, Torture, and not only Abuse but her being FORCED to abuse herself in font of her father add to the Erotic Elements of this book It is one thing to be forced to Humiliate yourself, it is another to do so in front of a Family member knowing there is noting else can do to avoid the Humiliation, Torture and Degradation and this in terms excites her Captors and makes them want to abuse her more then they may have planned to This is a MUST add to your Library