David Goodmen


Interested in how things work since age three, self-taught in Electronics Engineering.
My reading interests are mostly engineering books, and Science-Fiction.
My writing interests an (ahem) long multi-section Science-Fiction story.

The make-interview page comes up blank, so here goes:
The overall story covers about 2030 to 2050. New technologies are developed, they are used, and their positive and negative effects learned.
The stories involve regular people. They have problems, like all of us. But, they are not superheroes, save-the-day-techno-geeks, or any of the other usual characters.
The aliens (MOST of them!) are kind of like us, as is a common case in SF, but they are alien, and do the occasional unusual thing. So do the humans, for that matter.
The action is rather slow, as in a detective story, but we see exactly how it all works. Rather often, we find it works some way other than one expects.
There is humor, too. A world without humor is a dead end!
Everything—technologies, situations, first contact, AIs, et cetera, are handled in new ways. My background is in engineering, so I do not like “magical thinking” in SF stories.

When I can get it together, I will put up some of my pieces.


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L. V. MacLean
Latest book: The Misborn V: Priscilla. Published November 30, 2017.

Smashwords book reviews by David Goodmen

  • Divine Laboratory on July 17, 2018

    Some decades back, Analog ran a story about a universe-creation class. This story is at least as good, and has a delightful surprise ending. It is well worth your time!
  • Nova Episodes: Heliation on July 19, 2018

    Good story! The science in this story is incorrect—but it sets up the real story. The pemise created by the people in the story, the actions taken, and the conclusion resulting from their acting upon their premise, is the story. After you read this, compare the happenings here with what has often happened in reality…
  • Sown by Hand on July 21, 2018

    There is extensive—and impressive—discussion of the exacting timing involved in the overall processes of which the man is a part. From my engineer’s perspective, the timing is too tight, and the preparation for the inevitable errors is lacking. BUT: That is just like much of everyday life, isn’t it? As a previous reviewer said, the ending does stay in the mind. This story is quite good.
  • I Want To Be A Genius on July 30, 2018

    I liked this story last year, when I downloaded it, and again this year. Mr. Franklin, the patient, seems to have little understanding of the technical challenges involved in accomplishing his desire. Even in real life, when someone presents with the desire “to be a genius,” no one asks whether the goal is actually worth attaining. Genii have their own problems, too; normal people just do not experience those problems. On the other hand, read the ending more closely—your conclusion as to what happened just might change!
  • Dark barney on July 30, 2018

    OK. This is incredibly stupid, and incredibly FUNNY; and I am still laughing, as I type this!
  • The Man in the Moon on Aug. 07, 2018

    This is worth reading. The descriptions of the defects in management (intentional) and the defects in electronic equipments (accidental, some real) are necessary to the story. The end is believable, the man having to work for it.
  • Nancy Werlock's Diary: Dear Diary, on Aug. 07, 2018

    These stories—there are three—are rather good, the third being the longest. There are a few typos, but the story has much humor and some examples of dealing with problems which aren’t the problems you think are there. I downloaded every one of these so that I can read them in order.
  • Nancy Werlock's Diary: Mother Knows Worst on Aug. 07, 2018

    Two stories, each good. Houston’s character develops further, and something important is learned. I can’t say much, because of spoilers, but the stories are worth reading!
  • Self Aware: A Sci-Fi Book about A.I. on Aug. 21, 2018
    (no rating)
    EPUB ONLY, conversion defective. Therefore, I could not read it. Meat Grinder is supposed to provide all formats—obviously, something failed.
  • An Intimate Crisis on Aug. 21, 2018
    (no rating)
    EPUB ONLY, conversion defective. Therefore, I could not read it. Meat Grinder is supposed to provide all formats—obviously, something failed.