Mathew Richarde


Smutologist. Like the smut of Tess Mackenzie and Giselle Renarde in particular and K.T. McColl ain't bad.

Wait a minute, where'd my cat go?


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Smashwords book reviews by Mathew Richarde

  • Lamb on Jan. 29, 2015

    Excellent, quirky, quiet short. Hope I didn't give away a spoiler.
  • Everyone Has Katie on Jan. 30, 2015

    Clever plot, hot, graphic sex. Great short story with believable characters.
  • The Cat & the Crow: A Holiday Spent in Sicero on Jan. 30, 2015

    Should have known after reading author description. A story written in the first person does not mean the you have to start almost every paragraph and most sentences with 'I' and 'He.' Plot was trite and boring. The price was right.
  • Everyone Has Katie, Again on Feb. 08, 2015

    Great sequel. Katie finds that the only way to fulfill her sexual needs is menage, so she fully embraces her slutty side. Enjoyed the graphic sex.
  • That Girl On The Bus on April 08, 2016

    Great story, well told, romantic, great sex.
  • Nailed Book 1 on April 09, 2016

    A nicely written tale that will suck you in. Steamy sex.
  • Two Complete Strangers on June 04, 2016

    Totally taboo, kink. I enjoy G-R stories.